If done well, self-service enables customers to get the answers they were looking for, quickly and easily without human intervention. There are many ways to accomplish this:

  • Virtual assistants (Chat Bot or Voice Bot) on the website and mobile app and voice assisted home devices/smart speakers like Siri, Google Home, Alexa…
  • Websites and mobile apps with easy to use search and connectivity to personal information.
  • IVR’s

We recommend considering all of these.

Where the real differentiation occurs is if a customer needs to connect to a human agent what information are you providing to that agent? If the agent knows all about what the customer has been doing on the website, mobile app, through a Chat Bot, Voice Bot, or IVR, you have points in the “win” column.


Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants are available for a variety of business concerns, from answering routine questions, to purchasing products, to making payments. Many of these types of transactions can be handled without speaking to an agent. They are available 24x7, but which one is right for you? And why?

We are also noticing an interest in having virtual assistants help agents (especially new ones, or ones in a remote location). Having a place to ask questions and allow the VA to send you to not only the answer, but direct you to the location (for example in a CRM system) is very helpful and should be considered for agent efficiency AND agent satisfaction.


Websites and Mobile Apps

Deploying a ChatBot on a website or in your mobile app is a game changer. Although all of us have gone to lengths to make these locations customer friendly, customers just don’t have the tolerance for reading everything to try to get the answer to their questions. As a result, having a place for them to type a question and get a response which can lead to an exchange/conversation can be incredibly satisfying to the customer. If the BOT no longer feels confident in the answer, then the transaction can be sent to a human agent for more help. This notifies the agent on the entire conversation so they can pick it up there.

Interactive Voice Response Units (IVR's)

Interactive Voice response units reach their full potential once we make it easy for customers to work with them. Being able to use your voice (and have it be understood) is a bonus. Current technology has advanced to allow for more conversation to take place during an interaction. Additionally, through improved analytics, we understand the sentiment the customer is portraying as well as where they interact and don’t with the IVR. Adjustments to the IVR can be made to contain and satisfy more customers. Click here for more information. Personalizing the customer experience allows companies to shorten response times to customer inquiries, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs through automation.


Advanced Contact Routing: Quickly Match Customer Issue with Agents

  • When you have to route to a human agent, you are assigning a resource to address the customer inquiry. Advanced contact routing allows the customer to go through the routing process quickly and efficiently, and when done right, pairs the customer with the most appropriate resource, delivering contextual information gathered during the self-service part of the transaction.

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