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C1 and NICE are dedicated to helping businesses deliver a more human experience to our customers. Using the latest in Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and Knowledge Management, we are raising the bar by delivering a more empathetic and connected approach for customer experience.


26 years

joint industry experience

1 million agents

offering consulting experience

2,800 employees

focused on research and development


uptime and reliability


NICE Top Solution Partner of the Year

C1 + NICE Solutions

C1 and NICE partner together to solve complex issues and help our customers create more human connections that build loyalty and grow meaningful relationships.

Business Transformation

C1 helps our customers create a well-defined migration strategy and plan, ensuring data security, compliance, and staff training to seamlessly transition to a cloud-centric operational model.

Customer and Agent Experience

• Analytics on Performance Metrics
• Knowledge Management
• Quality Management
• Workforce Management
• Performance Management
• Inbound and Outbound Omnichannel
• AI Driven Self-Service

Professional Services

C1 provides end-to-end implementation for NICE. This includes:

• Implementation and configuration of the solution
• Project Management
• Training and Consulting
• Integration into CRM, Teams, and other third-party applications

Managed Services

C1 offers a full range of managed services on the whole ecosystem for our customers, including CXone. These services include:

• 24/7/365 service desk support
• Moves, adds, and changes (MAC work)
• Designated Technical Account Manager
• Technical Advisory Hotline

C1 + NICE Insights

Overcoming the struggle of maintaining customer satisfaction and keeping good agents

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Creating human connections

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Creating seamless, memorable customer experiences

Discover how we help our organizations deliver differentiated experience for their team members and their customers.

10 steps to improving customer self-service

Companies can’t hire enough customer service reps, and customers want answers now. Self-service tools will solve for both.

Connect with C1

Reach out to us if you'd like to unleash the power of connected experiences. C1 and NICE can help.