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AWS Partner Network
We are honored to be recognized as an Advanced Consulting Partner, helping companies design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their application workloads. Through our close work together, C1 and AWS enable enterprises and mid-size organizations to accelerate their journey to the cloud, achieve desired business outcomes, and reach new, emerging global markets.
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Christian Van Der Branden

“C1 has been instrumental in getting our AWS migration on the right path. The Team is made of highly skilled architects who are very knowledgeable in all the recent frameworks. They were able to understand my business problems and design a modern cloud architecture for us.”

Christian Van Der Branden
CTO, Qualifacts


Victoria Awes

“C1 was key to our technology platform selection project, helping us choose not just the right product, but also AWS as the platform for the product to operate on”

Victoria Awes
Investor Relations, Origin Investments


Clayton Boylan

“C1, in partnership with AWS, helped us optimize and provide additional visibility to our cloud spend, resulting in an increase in customer demand and security governance - all while reducing overall cost by 9%”

Clayton Boylan
Director of Engineering, Narrative Science

Ruchi Medhekar

“C1 quickly became a natural extension of our team. Their technical expertise, use of modern design principles proven engagement process, and experience with Amazon Web Services' serverless offerings enable us to accelerate the time to deliver value to our customers"

Ruchi Medhekar
SVP Strategy & Platform, Vyne Medical

 105 AWS Certifications • 10 AWS Partnership Accreditations • 15+ AWS Database Choices
As an official AWS Advanced Consulting partner, we utilize our deep consulting expertise in leading transformation and digital enablement projects, and the benefits of our AWS partnership accreditation to help our clients grow and succeed.
We get you to market. In a hurry.
Get started with C1 even faster with one of our packaged AWS offerings.
Modernize your App
on AWS
No need to wait for a 6-week
powerpoint assessment.
Well-Architected Framework Assessment
Your environment is always adapted to the AWS landscape.
Accelerate Your AWS Migration
Accelerate time to value and improve cost efficiency.
.NET Core to AWS Migration Workshop
Deploy your .NET Core App on AWS.
HIPAA Compliant App Modernization Quick Start on AWS
HIPAA Compliant App Modernization Quick Start
on AWS
We'll create a meaningful, value-driven plan for adopting AWS using AWS CAF
Data Platform
We'll help you design & deploy
a modern data platform
on AWS.
Healthcare Cloud Migration + Readiness Assessment
Build and accelerate your data platform for your health software data.
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Getting started with the cloud can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. We accelerate our clients’ journey to the AWS cloud through our architecture and application modernization services.
At C1, we work to assess infrastructure across five key pillars – operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. We evaluate and remediate your systems based on key concepts, design principles, and architectural best practices.
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Amazon API Gateway
Enable your applications to access data, business logic, or functionality from their existing backend services. You can now free up your manual management time using this fulling managed service that makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at scale.

Benefits with AWS
    •     Traffic management
    •     CORS support
    •     Authorization and access control
    •     Throttling
    •     Monitoring
    •     API version management

AWS Lambda
With AWS Lambda, we have the ability to deliver cost-effective, secure and scalable solutions that meet our clients’ needs. It allows you to automatically run code without thinking about servers, only paying when your code is running, keeping software development costs low.

Benefits with AWS
    •     No servers to manage
    •     Continuous scaling
    •     Improved security
    •     Controlled billing

Amazon EC2
With Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) we’re able to develop and deploy applications faster and deliver reliable, scalable results. We help clients maximize the benefits of trusted Microsoft applications deployed on Amazon EC2 with AWS’s added flexibility, security, and high availability.
  • Benefits with AWS
        •     Complete administrative control with ease of access
        •     Ability to select and run an operating system of your choice
        •     Multiple built-in security features
AWS Cloud Migration
We can help you re-platform and re-architect your solutions so that you can take full advantage of the AWS Cloud. Not only will this offer savings, but greater agility, security and velocity for innovation, resulting in better business outcomes.

Benefits with AWS
    •     Improve reliability and performance
    •     Automate Security and DevOps
    •     Faster time to business results

AWS DevOps
DevOps principles and practices allow for development and operations teams to work more collaboratively, improve the speed of delivering new product features to market, and enable continuous and automated deployment.

Benefits with AWS
    •     Built for scale
    •     Programmable and secure
    •     Fully-managed services

AWS Data & Analytics
Modern AWS Data Lakes represent an increasingly popular approach to store and analyze data, via a central repository that addresses the need to deliver insights in a timely manner with both agility and flexibility.

Benefits with AWS
    •     Fastest way to get answers from all your data to all your users
    •     Near real-time analytics and reporting applications
    •     Scalable and cost-effective
    •     Secure infrastructure for analytics

Amazon DocumentDB
A fast, scalable, highly available, and fully managed document database service, Amazon DocumentDB allows us to help our clients set up, operate, and scale MongoDB-compatible databases in the cloud.

Benefits with AWS
    •    Substantial cost savings on infrastructure and operational costs – only pay for what you use 
    •    Storage that automatically scales 
    •    Highly secure and compliant

SaaS Solutions
With SaaS on AWS, we not only have the ability to maximize innovation and agility, but we’re able to help our clients optimize scalable, low-cost architecture to rapidly deploy market-ready solutions.

Benefits with AWS
    •     Breadth and depth of tools and services available can facilitate faster time-to-market
    • Pay-for-use pricing model to help manage and optimize costs
    •     Uptime and the ability to respond to continually evolving workloads

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“I couldn’t be more proud of what our team has been able to accomplish leveraging our partnership with AWS. Their relentless pursuit of innovation provides great synergies with what we’re accomplishing with our clients”
Josh Davidson
Principal and Co-Founder, Prime TSR
AWS Work We're Proud Of

ConvergeOne + Partner Solutions

ConvergeOne has it all, and through our partnership with AWS, we can assess our customers’ business and technical needs and recommend the right cloud solutions.

AWS Security

Secure your entire cloud environment while focusing on the AWS Security Pillar and using the Zero Trust framework. ConvergeOne follows the AWS Security Best Practices to provide enterprise-class cloud deployments. ConvergeOne also works with AWS GovCloud, which is an isolated AWS region designed to provide the U.S. government and customers the ability to store sensitive data in the cloud by addressing compliance and regulatory requirements.


Our Disaster Recovery services let you replicate your on-premises workloads to the cloud in the case of a disaster. Organizations’ applications need to be made available 24/7, as users and businesses are dependent on the applications. Let ConvergeOne help with moving your organization’s disaster recovery to the cloud using block-level replication. Our solution lets your organization stage and test recovery anytime in the cloud, with low RTO/RPO.

AWS Networking

We provide the broadest and deepest set of networking services, with high reliability and security features. AWS Networking services can provide a secure, scalable enterprise network. With security at our core, ConvergeOne can provide networking capabilities to build your infrastructure with application networking, edge networking, network security and hybrid connectivity.

AWS Cost Management

Manage your AWS costs with granular insights into your resource utilization and cost spend. Let ConvergeOne bring visibility to your cloud financial management. We can help with tracking costs and usage. Let’s keep spending in check and on a regular basis so that your organization can stick to its budget. ConvergeOne can also provide best practices from the cost optimization pillar.

AWS Data + Analytics

Stream, store and process large amounts of your data, while gaining insights with analytics dashboards. The volume of IT and the velocity of our data continues to grow exponentially. We are now storing and analyzing data in different classes beyond ERP and CRM systems, and now our data includes more social data, web analytics data, IoT data from devices and machine-generated log data.

AWS End-User Computing

Securely stream your organization’s applications or create virtual desktops for departments and users. Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile. They’re working remotely, on the go and moving from one project to the next—and they’re collaborating across borders, time zones and organizations. We built AWS End User Computing (EUC) services to give you the agility to respond to the changing needs of your workforce. You can scale up or scale down on-demand, providing your users with the resources they need without deploying and operating infrastructure.

AWS Databases

With 15+ database choices within AWS, you can save time/costs and improved performance. Whether your organization is looking to migrate to a managed database service (PaaS0 or a single standalone instance, ConvergeOne has the knowledge and experience in migrating databases to optimize performance on any scale.

AWS Migration

Migrate to the cloud with ConvergeOne’s proven 5-step process. With careful strategic planning – starting with infrastructure workload assessments all the way through migration and validation – ConvergeOne will ease the migration to the cloud and its unparalleled advantages. We can give insights into the workload costs before migration, so you know about your monthly reoccurring costs for the cloud upfront.