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C1 Edge

According to McKinsey, 10% of companies produce 90% of the profits.

Imperfect data, macroeconomic uncertainty, rapidly changing customer expectations and technology-driven change that is increasing competition, and what’s possible, at an accelerating rate is now the typical environment organizational leaders must navigate. Setting strategy and then keeping it relevant is no longer an annual task. Leaders need the ongoing ability to understand disruptive topics ahead of when they land and use that insight to adjust strategies that guide innovation – the best way to predict the future is to invent it.  

Adding a dose of research-based market understanding combined with operational best practices and technological knowledge makes deciding on what future to invent much clearer.


C1 Edge provides clarity.

The C1 Edge program is based on insight from three areas:

Primary Research

Forward-looking primary research

Unique insights focused on what’s coming, not what happened

Direct input from decision makers – not second-hand information

Maximum relevance to your organization from topic and industry-specific findings

Best Practices

Operational best practices

Benchmark your business against 43 trillion data points gathered from actual operations across thousands of use cases and every industry 

Identify shifting operational directions before they become mainstream 

Technological Expertise

Technological expertise

Empower bold moves with “what if” possibilities based on the experience and guidance of 1,600 engineers who have deployed technology from 140+ vendors to thousands of organizations 

Buckle up!

The era of AI and the connected human experience has arrived!


To get the C1 Edge program started, we surveyed 500 leaders, in US organizations with 500 or more employees responsible for the selection and purchase of IT solutions for their organizations, to get their insights on the impact the emergence of generative AI is having on their organization.

C1 Edge

How organizations are using generative AI to shape their future

New research from C1 Edge found that generative AI is not only accelerating AI adoption plans but also implementations. See how your organization compares with industry peers regarding the use of generative AI.

Generative AI
More insights from C1 Edge coming soon!