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Connected Experience

Connecting people with technology.

A fully managed connected experience.
Create natural experiences between people and technology
The C1 Connected Experience (C1CX) revolutionizes the way employees, customers, and technology interact, leveraging generative AI to accelerate automations, modern collaboration solutions to improve collaboration and elevate work for all employees, and modern customer experience solutions to collaborate with customers and elevate the customer experience. And with C1CX advanced orchestration, all the latest capabilities can be layered on top of any existing infrastructure, empowering companies to modernize without the risk associated with ripping and replacing current technology investments and minimizing operational disruption.
Modernize Engagement
Modernize  employee and customer engagement.​
Accelerate modernization plans with the ability to overlay orchestration that delivers the latest capabilities in a unified experience​.
Maintain One Experience
Maintain one experience from many conversations​.
Maintain one continuous conversation across channels and handoffs for a seamless, natural discussion.
Automate for Exponential Growth
Automate for exponential business growth.
Leverage C1 EllyTM, C1’s enterprise AI platform, to accelerate automations and drive exponential growth.​

Learn more about how C1 transformed the Farmers Insurance Group’s customer experience.

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The world is changing faster now more than ever, and so are the expectations of our customers. The evolution of those day to day expectations influence what consumers expect from their insurance carrier, especially when it comes to when they need us the most – when they experience a claim.

quote Farmers Insurance

C1CX Solutions

AI Automations
Accelerate your automations plans with C1 Elly, the only fully managed generative AI platform that safely activates the full potential of your enterprise data to accelerate your time to automation impact.
Employee Experience
Modernize collaboration with digital tools and automations that support the modern way of working, empowering employees to collaborate more effectively and get work done from anywhere and on any device.​
Employee Experience
Customer Experience
Modernize customer engagement and elevate customer experiences by leveraging AI for both self- and assisted-service, digital channels, and omnichannel engagement to seamlessly escalate automated to assisted interactions and seamlessly switch communications channels while preserving context and intent as part of a single conversation.
C1CX Benefits
Modernize without disruption
Move to the cloud at your pace by layering modern capabilities on top of your existing employee and customer experience solutions, extending your existing investments and eliminating risk.
Accelerate your automation goals
Increase your automation rates to improve business outcomes and exponentially scale the reach of your business with C1 Elly.
Improve EX and CX
Improve both your employee and your customer experiences with solutions that elevate the quality of work and the quality of each customer interaction.

Committed to security and compliance

C1’s security and compliance qualifications have you covered from consumer privacy to system security.


C1CX Resources

C1 Elly Automate Demo

See how our AI-powered virtual assistant improves enterprise operations by offering natural interactions across channels, automating tasks, supporting 127+ languages, and increasing self-service rates while reducing costs.

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Generative AI Impact Infographic

We surveyed 500 leaders to get their insights on the impact the emergence of generative AI is having on their organization. Here’s what they said.

The Era of AI-Powered Connected Human Experience is Underway

Read this C1 Edge white paper to explore how peers in your and other industries are using generative AI to shape the future of their organizations.


Give your customers and employees the experience they deserve.