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C1 + Google Cloud
C1 is a Google Cloud Service Partner. Our mission through this partnership is to extend the deep benefits of Google to our clients in close alignment with the Google Cloud Services organization allowing us to provide world-class innovative technology, an agile approach to delivering value as quickly as possible, and a seamless client experience.
ConvergeOne Google Partnership
Our Credentials
Cloud Developer
Data Engineer
Cloud Architect
Cloud Engineer Certified
C1 + Google Cloud Solutions
As an official Google Consulting partner, we utilize our deep consulting expertise leading transformation and digital enablement projects, and the benefits of our GCP partnership accreditation to help our clients grow and succeed.
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“I couldn’t be more proud of what our team has been able to accomplish leveraging our partnership with AWS. Their relentless pursuit of innovation provides great synergies with what we’re accomplishing with our clients”
Josh Davidson
Principal and Co-Founder, Prime TSR
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Application Platform Modernization

    •     UX Services
    •     Angular, React, Vue
    •     TypeScript

Application Service Modernization

    •     Cloud Pub/Sub & Cloud IoT Core
    •     Cloud Tasks & Cloud Composer
    •     Cloud Endpoints & Apigee

Application UX & UI Modernization

    •     UX Services
    •     Angular, React, Vue
    •     TypeScript

Automation & DevOps Modernization

    •     Cloud Source
    •     Cloud Build & Cloud Code
    •     Deployment Manager

Data Services Modernization

    •     Dataflow, Data Fusion
    •     Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, Firestore, Memorystore
    •     Cloud Storage, BigQuery, Bigtable
    •     Dataproc, Dataprep, Datalab, Data Studio, Data Catalog

C1 + Google Cloud Insights
How to approach Your Application Modernization Strategy
How to Approach Your Application
Modernization Strategy
With the cloud growing at a fast pace, more companies are looking for better, more efficient use of applications and infrastructures.
Reduce Cloud Costs While Optimizing Application
How We Reduce Cloud Costs While Optimizing Application Performance (a Four-Step Process)
The cloud is the foundation of innovation and improving how you manage, measure, and reduce IT costs, will help your IT organizations move quickly, without restrictions.