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Build Tomorrow’s
Infrastructure Today

Modernize your IT infrastructure to ensure it’s always aligned to power business success.

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Revenue growth starts with the network

C1’s Infrastructure Experience constructs, implements, and oversees Enterprise Networking, Data Center, and Cloud solutions, providing organizations with adaptable, secure, high-performance, and dependable technology platforms that untangle complexities, increase resilience, and keep your network relevant as the business changes.  

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Unparalleled resiliency at scale

No matter what technological innovation comes along, it still requires a great network


Keep the network relevant

Complete infrastructure that adapts to new business requirements as they happen.

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Magnifying Glass


Monitor your data proactively, not just the systems. Observe everything about your infrastructure. 

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Complexity made efficient

Proven advisory methodology identifies gaps and complexities to create tailored, efficient designs.

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Helping the Colts

See how C1 helped improve the game day experience for the Indianapolis Colts by designing and deploying the first ever Wi-Fi 6 NFL Stadium infrastructure. 
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Featured Insights

Build the network that puts you two steps ahead

The Enterprise Networking WAVES Assessment offers a strategic approach to align your IT Infrastructure initiatives with your organization’s goals. With a comprehensive list of considerations and recommendations, this assessment delivers detailed analysis and a roadmap for positive business outcomes.