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Make the employee experience the new future.
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The future of collaboration is connection
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People to People
When people are able to connect, the magic happens. Building the right collaboration tech stack fosters greater empathy and understanding.
People to Technology
The right technology can help your people move mountains. Don't think of technology replacing interactions, but making them clearer, smarter and more real-time.
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Technology to Technology
If your technology doesn't talk, how can you expect your people to? Ensure data flows seamlessly between systems to create continuity and efficiencies.
Total connected experiences
Moving to the new ways of working may feel like a no-brainer, but it takes a strategic, planned approach to transition from legacy ways of working.
It's not about working with the "latest and greatest." It's about giving your customers and company the exact tools they need to do their job.
Work whenever, wherever and however. Create employee and customer experiences that are flexible to their needs.
A set of tools, platforms, and applications designed to enable business success
We work collaborative and quickly to ensure every one of your employees can thrive in the new economy.
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Modern Workplace Advisory
Develop strategies to quickly detect and rapidly respond to breaches
Workstream Collaboration
Securely connect people and machines to data and services
Unified Communications
as a Service (UCaaS)
Protect data at rest, in use and in motion
(C1 Cloud Experience)
Secure applications, infrastructure, and endpoints
Modern Meeting
Rooms & Workspaces
Protect critical data and workloads in the cloud
It's all about impact
Bring the right people together
The world of work has changed forever. Collaboration and Modern Workplaces now depend on solutions that support one another and allow communication to work for them. Work with ConveregeOne to define your future of modern workplace strategy. Our team of experts will help you create an integrated plan that enhances your employee experiences with other employees, companies, and technologies.
Contact us to get started with yours
Smarter workplace strategies
When smart, simple workplace experiences are built on end-to-end systems, it all comes together.
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Decisions made in the dark don't set anyone up for success. Get the data need to make better decisions, faster.
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The Importance of Agents
Ensuring your front line has top-of-the-line technology should always be at the top of your list.
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Get to the Cloud Securely
Cloud makes anywhere, at any time, and on any device possible. Now it's not so much a matter of when, but how.
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Consumers are more self-reliant than ever. Stop making them wait on you.
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User Experience, Everywhere
Missed connections are a letdown for everyone. Showing up in the right places is always the first step.
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Premises-Based Innovation
It doesn't matter so much where innovation happens. So long as it's moving you forward.
Our world-class collaboration partners make it possible.
C1 is Avaya’s largest global partner with 90k customers and 1,236 Avaya Diamond Partner certifications.
Consistently recognized for aligning with Cisco's strategic priorities, C1 ranks among the top 10 out of over 12,000 Cisco partners in the US.
As a Microsoft Gold partner, we have numerous competencies, including Application Development, DevOps, and Azure Cloud Platform.
How we think about the modern workplace

Accelerate Your Hybrid Office Performance

Accelerate revenue capture through a next-generation hybrid-office experience integrating calling and communication channels, collaboration platforms, and personal equipment with audio-visual workspaces.

Make Collaboration Your Opportunity Driver

Increase engagement, proactively manage costs and drive productivity by removing legacy solutions and unlock your teams potential to connect, collaborate & communicate from anywhere.
We believe the best cultures have shifted their focus from how, where and when work gets done back to why. And that's
why we exist at C1. Our work creating the workplaces of the future will never be done. And that's by design.
Work inspired.