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Meeting the Rapidly Rising Demand for Virtual Care Visits

A large healthcare provider was delivering a telehealth solution for patient care through another video provider, but it was experiencing limitations in how it could scale the solution. It desired to integrate Cisco video conferencing with the Microsoft Teams unified communications (UC) and collaboration platform, but its existing video provider lacked the multi-vendor expertise to assist with this effort.

Because the healthcare provider had a strong relationship with Microsoft, Skype for Business was its collaboration platform of choice and it already had several applications built around Skype for Business tools. As it prepared to move to Microsoft Teams, it was concerned about video interoperability with future deployments. It was looking for a solution that would carry it forward through the Microsoft Teams rollout over several years while allowing it to leverage its existing investment in video hardware, as its current video partner could not support that effort. Further, because of the company’s role in patient care, it was critically important that the solution was easy to use and always available to ensure that its patients could receive the proper treatment.


The Customer’s Desired Outcome

To work with a partner that could support its transition to Microsoft Teams and manage video interoperability for its current and future deployments.


The C1 Response

C1 began by engaging in a vendor-agnostic, solutions-based discussion to emphasize that the customer would be well taken care of regardless of the path forward it took for its collaboration solutions. Because the customer had an existing relationship with Microsoft and C1 had a strong background in the Microsoft ecosystem, C1 introduced its Microsoft team to the customer’s Microsoft account to talk through options.

The customer had already been considering using a Pexip solution to bridge its Cisco and Microsoft environments. Doing so would enable it to continue rolling out Microsoft Teams without upsetting its existing investment in pre-written applications for Skype for Business. C1 is a leading Pexip partner, so it introduced its Visual Experience Group (VXG) to the conversation to address how C1 could contribute to the customer’s telehealth delivery of patient care.

Initially, the customer desired to house the Pexip software and applications on-premises, but because consumption was such a big concern, C1 proposed having Microsoft Azure Cloud host Pexip as a fully managed service delivery. The customer questioned whether or not the cloud could support its operations and existing video investment, but C1 demonstrated the value of cloud during highly technical and interactive discussions with the customer’s chief technology officer (CTO). Ultimately, the customer felt comfortable moving forward with a cloud-based Pexip solution.

The C1 Managed Microsoft Video Interoperability service, powered by Pexip, provided seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. The service was 100% cloud-based, with implementation and support delivered by C1. It allowed traditional video conferencing users to join Microsoft Teams calls and meetings, with the full experience of video, audio, and content sharing, to ensure that the customer could provide exceptional telehealth services to its patients.



C1 facilitated the seamless adoption and management of its Managed Microsoft Video Interoperability service and provided proactive guidance to help the customer get the most from its investment. By integrating Cisco endpoints into the Microsoft Teams environment, C1 has helped the customer conserve its spending by eliminating the need to replace approximately 1,000 Cisco endpoints.

The customer now has an industry-leading telehealth solution that differentiates it from its competition and positions it as an innovative and forward-thinking healthcare provider. Its patients have been very pleased with the enhancements to the telehealth solution, which is projected to serve millions of patient sessions per year. This will help the healthcare provider decrease costs with more flexibility and speed, compared to physical visits.

The project has positioned C1 as a thought leader, advisor, and cloud service provider for the customer. The customer is now looking to C1 to host and manage applications from other vendors because it has the greatest trust in C1 to oversee the management of its solutions. Moving forward, the customer plans to have C1 take complete ownership of its video environment as it builds out additional room systems and environments.

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