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Customer Engagement Management

Customer retention is at the top of every CXO’s priority list. How they provide service to their customers through their contact center, online presence and other digital channels can make the difference between keeping a valued revenue stream or losing that customer to a competitor.


ConvergeOne's Customer Engagement Management (CEM) offering provides a set of services to transform existing contact center investments into a true omnichannel experience by providing a full array of digital channel solutions, artificial intelligence, intelligent virtual assistants/bots, CRM integration, data analytics and more. ConvergeOne helps clients improve how their customers interact with their brand and make it easy to engage in all interactions with knowledge of the entire customer journey.

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Benefits of creating engaging customer experiences

Increased revenue and profitability

Delivering sustainable experiences

Improved customer acquisition and retention

By providing engaging experiences throughout the customer lifecycle

Reduced churn

Improving the overall customer experience

Personalized and empathetic

Customer experiences at speed and scale
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Improve customer interaction and satisfaction

ConvergeOne Customer Engagement Management solutions are responsive, automated and personalized.

  • Biometric authentication: Allows customers to easily and quickly verify their identity without the hassle of remembering PINs or passwords, boosting customer satisfaction while enhancing security and preventing fraud.
  • Experience analytics: Make informed decisions and actively manage customer relationships with better customer insights.
  • Digital channels & omnichannel: Streamline customer interactions to improve customer retention and boost customer lifetime value.
  • Digital customer experience & enhanced self-service: Create smoother, easier interactions for customers with intelligent virtual assistants, bots, robotic process automation, self-service and advanced routing.

Proven. Progressive. Purposeful.

ConvergeOne provides customer interaction teams with the power of predictive analytics, modern digital channels and consolidated insight so they can work with a collective view of each customer.


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Create engaging customer experiences with Customer Engagement Management

ConvergeOne Customer Engagement Management solutions give clients the power of a modern, powerful, differentiated customer interaction experience. 

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