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Allscripts Improves Call Quality, ServiceNow Connection, and Innovation with PureCloud

Healthcare IT vendor Allscripts ( recently faced a significant and costly upgrade for its operating system environment. At the same time, its premises-based contact center system was up for annual maintenance renewal. Allscripts decided to take the opportunity to simplify contact center operations and move to the cloud—a move that was in line with its general commitment to cloud migration.

Allscripts is a global enterprise, with a large concentration of agents in the US and India, and a smaller presence in Canada, Israel, Australia, and Europe. The organization has about 1,300 agents and 200 supervisors worldwide. Concurrent usage was estimated at 800 licenses. Agents also need easy access to ServiceNow data when interacting with customers. To ensure business buy-in, Allscripts required the new cloud solution to be delivered in a phased approach—something that became an additional project challenge when COVID-19 struck during the project.




“The C1 team was very flexible and available for quick, ad-hoc conversations as well as deep dives that could take hours. That takes a lot of expertise, persistence, and flexibility.”


David Heath | Director of InformationTechnology, Allscripts



C1 Response

In mid-2019, Allscripts selected Genesys PureCloud as its solution and C1 as its solution provider. For Genesys, this would be one of the largest customer migrations from PureConnect premises to PureCloud. C1 has 30 years of contact center solutions experience and an 8-year technology partnership with Allscripts. “The C1 team very much understands our business, SLA needs, and team skill levels,” said David Heath, Allscripts Director of Information Technology. “They are well suited to the way we work.”

According to David, the company considers itself pro-cloud, preferring systems to be in the cloud where possible. The reasons for this choice include:

  • Responsibility for infrastructure shifts from Allscripts IT to the cloud vendor
  •  License footprint becomes more demand-based
  • Faster access to system upgrades, changes, and enhancements
  • Support for a development framework for building add-on functionality and connection

The IT team used the PureCloud open framework to develop its own ServiceNow connector. “We are quite pleased with the framework,” said David. “It is straightforward, and we were able to build what our users need to be more efficient.”



Allscripts transferred from PureConnect to PureCloud without problems. “For the most part, our rollout has been a non-event,” said David. “C1 worked with us very closely and was both proactive and committed to making sure the implementation went smoothly. There are a lot of gold stars to go around.”

There was some resistance to change, but nothing to do with the system itself said David. In fact, users report that performance and call quality have been even better on PureCloud than they were with PureConnect premises. Once word was out that PureCloud performance and call quality were better, David had users actively requesting the switch.

David reports good acceptance from business units using the home-grown ServiceNow connector—including support and managed services—and the rollout to other groups continues. 

“We felt that building a connector using the framework would be very challenging, but we quickly saw that we could build something that would work for us and we could make it a very, very good connector without involving a third party,” said David. “If a company is thinking about using the framework to do a deep integration, it is probably more straightforward than they are thinking. There’s good code there.”

Allscripts had an elongated deployment process that David said was entirely due to COVID. “It was a big shock to everyone; we had to send our agents home across the world, especially the large areas of US and India.” Business unit leaders were concerned about suddenly changing the way that agents communicate with Allscripts clients in the midst of COVID. “In the end, though, we had a very smooth transition with those working from home,” said David. “Even in the regions with poor network and infrastructure, we were able to continue to give good quality service to our clients.”

“This has been a difficult year for everyone,” summarized David. “From my perspective, C1 has been our best partner throughout this time of coronavirus.”

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