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How We Transformed Farmers Insurance Group’s Customer Experience

Farmers Insurance Group is an American insurer of automobiles, homes, and small businesses that also provides other insurance and financial services products. Farmers has more than 48,000 exclusive and independent agents and approximately 21,000 employees.

Farmers is quickly transforming into an innovative industry leader while embracing the digital and technological changes needed to accelerate the delivery of products and services that customers expect.

Farmers partnered with C1 to create a common definition and secure view of a customer, as an individual, across all product lines. This transformational project resulted in increased customer satisfaction across all lines of business and the new ability for marketing to create a personalized, cohesive experience across all of their product lines.






“The world is changing faster now more than ever, and so are the expectations of our customers. The evolution of those day to day expectations influence what consumers expect from their insurance carrier, especially when it comes to when they need us the most – when they experience a claim.”

Sam Santiago | Head of Claims Strategy & Automation, Farmers Insurance





What We Did

Data architecture
Messaged-based systems integration 
Data governance







One Customer, Multiple Policies

The ability to identify a single customer across all product lines allows Farmers to transform experiences for every line of business at every touchpoint. As a result of the work we’ve done, customers can now log in to their Farmers account with a single secure login and access all of their policies in one easy-to-understand dashboard. Agents of Farmers Insurance now have access to this single view and are able to access the right information to provide superior customer service. This resulted in an efficient process for agents and happier customers who get what they need quicker. Other areas of the business, such as claims processing, are now able to create easy-to-use personalized experiences by allowing customers to seamlessly log in and file a claim with pre-filled information.


Personalized Omnichannel Experiences

The marketing leadership team needed the ability to identify policyholders across policies to create a more effective, omnichannel marketing strategy. Now, when an existing customer inquires about a different type of policy they do not currently own, Farmers can identify the customer and take appropriate marketing action, regardless of where the customer is in their buying journey. This enabled the marketing team to unify its national marketing efforts instead of duplicating them and positively impacted dynamic pricing for existing customers because the systems now have a single identity.


Secure, Well-architected, And Compliant

The first step in transforming Farmers’ customer experience was architecting a holistic solution to centralize and convert historical data into a single, easily-accessible customer view. Using AWS cloud services (Data Warehouses and Data Lakes in AWS) and multiple on-premise data centers, we created a single customer view and tied it across all of their policy systems. Utilizing a large implementation of OKTA for identity management, we tied every individual customer across policies to a single identity. The result of this work means Farmers can now authenticate users across policies, regardless of the underlying technology systems. In addition to a single login, Farmers is now capable of securely displaying customer policy data on a single screen while adhering to compliance regulations.


Transforming Customer Experiences, One Customer At A Time

Farmers continues its push to deliver consistent, happier customer experiences. Experiences that give customers what they need as quickly and securely as possible. A unified single view also allows Farmers to accelerate the creation of new personalized experiences for every product and service they offer.

Custom solutions create transformative results

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