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Make it Personal with C1Conversations

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is how to transform their customer-first passion into a truly unparalleled experience. The bar of expectations from both consumer and B2B customers has never been higher. Many organizations in earlier stages of digital transformation, or those simply unable to fully utilize existing investments, will struggle to meet – if not exceed – those expectations.

Meet C1Conversations, a cloud-native as-a-service offering developed by ConvergeOne that helps transform your service organization with a technology-agnostic, end-to-end customer engagement experience that seamlessly connects and integrates voice and digital technologies. This includes every touchpoint from email and SMS to AI-powered Virtual Assistants.

C1-Conversations-Feature-ImageWith C1Conversations, you no longer have to struggle with common technology gaps that can hinder an organization’s ability to deliver business outcomes. ConvergeOne clients gain access to a platform that accelerates digital transformation initiatives without further fragmenting your service offerings with multiple point solutions. C1Conversations is designed to meet you where you are. Its simple architecture requires no “rip and replace” of existing communications solutions. Powered by an IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) foundation, C1Conversations connects legacy and cloud-based applications across the customer engagement ecosystem through a micro-services-led platform that is largely “plug and play.”

Customers are increasingly demanding the ability to get answers to their questions on their terms, and when most convenient to them, in a self-service manner. To deliver on this need, C1Conversations offers a market leading Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) capability to deliver an improved customer experience while offloading a percentage of direct interactions (calls, emails, etc.) from the agent population. C1Conversations integrates seamlessly with existing contact center and website technologies for rapid implementation without disruption to agents or business. This avoids downtime that add costs to the organization while eroding the customer’s experience.

A comprehensive agent user interface, designed to live within / integrate with a company’s CRM screen, presents the breadth of existing (and new) channels, applications, and systems on a single screen– making it easier for your agents to navigate all the different types of information they work with daily. And the data C1Conversations captures throughout the customer experience journey then informs comprehensive analytics and insights to support your customers’ needs, as well as those of your business. C1Conversations also introduces a uniquely attractive solution from a financial perspective by reducing time to value, protecting existing investments and reducing risks of platform obsolescence.

C1Conversations is designed to offer the benefits of a fully managed Cloud solution including consumption-based pricing, easy “futureproof” expansion and less need to invest in expensive infrastructure or in-house IT resources to manage the solution. It offers businesses a full array of AI/Bot Solutions ranging from ConvergeOne-developed Virtual Assistants to more sophisticated Bots sourced through strategic partnerships with Industry-leading AI/Bot providers.

ConvergeOne is a proven, services-led, cloud solution provider that utilizes intellectual property and unique methodologies to create tangible business value. Together with our customers, we develop progressive solutions that connect people with purpose. Recognizing that every business is different, we will work with your team to identify the best solutions to meet your organization’s needs in order to provide the customer engagement experience your customers want and deserve.

C1Conversations makes complexity simple

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