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6 Steps to Empowering Agents with Workforce Engagement Management [Part 5]

Explore Workforce Engagement Management in terms of six steps, each defined by added functionality that builds upon the prior steps of your WEM journey.

Part 1. Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of this blog series detail the first four steps to effective Workforce Engagement Management.

Step 6: Predict Customers’ Future Behaviors

Drive Customer Satisfaction with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI-enabled customer analytics helps businesses in predicting future behaviors of customers with high accuracy. With predictive analytics, businesses can get valuable insights to enhance the customer experience by assigning the right conversation to the right agents in an automated fashion. Couple this with AI algorithms based on interaction analytics to objectively measure agent behaviors that are proven to drive customer satisfaction consistently, and accurately, on every interaction, with no bias.

In-depth customer insights can help businesses in the following ways:

  • To determine the resource requirements for your business
  • To know how product rollouts will perform in specific times
  • To learn the kind of changes they need to make conversations effective

Empower Customers with Self-Service and IVAs

When customers are looking for faster resolution to their issue or inquiry, they don’t mind managing the process themselves. Many customers prefer fixing things on their own before reaching out to the support agent. Modern contact centers offer comprehensive self-serve alternatives as well as live agents. By this year (2022), 70% customer interactions will involve an emerging technology such as machine learning applications, IVAs or mobile messaging, up from 15% in 2018.

Achieving a Transformative Level of Customer Service: The Future is in Real Time

We believe that the next frontier for WEM – tomorrow’s solutions – will involve delivering analytics in real time and linking this data to agent-enabling workflow engines and CTI applications.

The advent of real-time WEM capabilities will signal a fundamental shift in contact center management. To date, analytics and reporting take place hours, days, weeks or months after the events being studied. The ability to analyze this data in real time will increase managers’ abilities to determine if developing situations are event-driven (short-term) or systemic (longer-term). This knowledge will enable them to change announcements, adjust WFM schedules, change a process or even launch outbound campaigns to proactively address issues with customers who have not yet encountered the problem – a truly transformative level of customer service!

The future of contact centers will be more data-driven and predictive. New technological advancements are likely to impact contact center operations and communication. The emergence of voice IVAs and chatbots will be the main drivers of contact center innovations. The key is to link all these together so they are self-aware and can maintain the context of the conversation. The contact center will need to engage and support customers in ways that are enabled by live engagement and AI technology. The contact center agents and executives will utilize tools driven by AI and high confidence levels while maintaining data-driven intel to automate tasks, improve overall agent and customer satisfaction.

Engage and empower agents to make more meaningful connections

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About the author:
As the Vice President of Product Marketing, Kathy Sobus leads more than 150 professionals with a rich heritage in collaboration technologies and drives strategic partnerships with key vendors and providers. Her expertise within the collaboration space ensures that C1 can deliver a full portfolio of offers, products, and services to its clients.