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Success Story: Guiding Eyes for the Blind

“ConvergeOne has always treated us like we’re their number one client, and as a nonprofit organization, that isn’t always the case with other providers. Every project I have ever done with ConvergeOne has gone smoothly, which is rare in IT land. ConvergeOne always has time for me and that’s why I keep coming back. I know I’m going to be treated right,” said Bill Ma, Director of IT, Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Case Study: Payment Services Company

A large, multinational payment services company has a number of diversified business units. On the Monday
before Thanksgiving, one of its business units experienced a complete failure of its phone system, which meant
that it could not handle customer calls. Its team was left scrambling to get a new solution in place so that it could
continue to provide a high-quality customer experience.

Case Study: Forward Thinking Credit Union

A progressive and technologically savvy credit union that supported and represented state employees was continually looking for ways to differentiate itself and act as a leader within the industry. It had noticed the trend toward cloud and wanted to keep pace with competitors. It also desired to realign its IT strategy to better support its business priorities and objectives. Moving forward, its primary operating principle would be a focus on service management, utilizing the practices found in ITIL/ITSM.

Case Study: Lending Institution

A national lending institution that helps subprime car buyers obtain auto financing was seeking ways to better maintain its systems. The company had recently consolidated to a single location, with an IT team of around only five people to support 500 users. The IT team lacked unified communications (UC) and contact center enterprise expertise and, while it had offloaded much of the heavy lifting, the team was overwhelmed by having to maintain the call systems, call recording, and workforce management solutions.

Case Study: Subscription Software Company

After a leading real estate software firm was spun out from its parent company by a private equity firm, the IT team began to struggle supporting its contact center and voice due to insufficient funding and staff. This overstretched team was also being taxed by the acquisition of several companies over the course of a year.

Success Story: Corporate Travel Planners

“There has been a 100% improvement from our old system to the new system. We’ve yet to experience any downtime,” said Christy. “Service and technology really go hand-in-hand, because now that we have the best-in-class technology, our agents can focus on what we hired them to do, which is to provide the very best service to our customers.”

Success Story: Everise

Everise desired to partner with a market-leading provider who could manage phone systems in an agile, efficient and reliable way. Further, the IT department wished to move away from devoting time and resources to the care and feeding of their systems so that they could instead dedicate more time to being customer-focused.


White Glove Transformation: A Helping Hand to Guide Your Cloud Transition

Join this webinar to find out if your IT strategy would benefit from our White Glove Program. You’ll also hear about recent ConvergeOne White Glove successes in Financial Services and Education – and learn how these success stories can be applied to your own organization.

Getting the Cloud Solution You Need Today Using the Budget of Tomorrow

This webinar will break down your Cloud transformation challenges so you can work alongside finance to approve the solutions you need today while helping them plan for the budgets of tomorrow.

Adventures in Hybrid and Private Clouds

Through ConvergeOne's private and hybrid cloud offerings, we have provided the ability to have the best features of the public cloud while choosing between CapEx and OpEx spending models. During this webinar ConvergeOne will discuss the options available to our customers in the hybrid and private cloud space and the benefits they convey.

Elevating WFO Into the Cloud

On-premises solutions are quickly becoming yesterday’s technology, and for most organizations, migrating to the cloud is the right choice. In this webinar, we’ll start by posing the question you may be asking yourself right now: What happens if we do nothing? After answering that question, we’ll build the business case for a move to the cloud.



ConvergeOne Cloud Experience (C1CX) 

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C1CX with Avaya
Data Sheet


C1CX with Cisco
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ConvergeOne Cloud Experience (C1CX) with Avaya

ConvergeOne Cloud Experience (C1CX) with Cisco

ConvergeOne Customer Connections: Salelytics Thrives with C1CX Cloud

ConvergeOne Customer Connections: Salelytics Makes the Switch to a Remote Workforce


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