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From zero to
“How did you do that?”
in 60 days.
Data, Analytics & AI can help you uncover hidden opportunities at scale. We’ve seen it. We’ve built it. We believe it.
We’re all in.
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Right now, at this exact moment, you own data that can change the trajectory of your business.
Your data knows something you don’t. Maybe it’s a new SaaS business. Or maybe a call-center that finally picks up on the first ring.

You don’t need to
build a data empire on day 1.
The biggest myth about data and AI is that you have to go all-in or have a team dedicated to it. We hyper-focus on individual use cases and building a data platform that creates immediate value. You’ll never go back.
Every minute matters
Things change when you get the right answers faster. Happier customers.
Happier employees. Increased revenue. What’s not to love?
Customer Stories
Hereʼs how our customers' cloud journeys are empowering them to grow engagement, build loyalty and evolve business for the better.
Data, Data Everywhere
The need for advanced analytics and AI is everywhere. Here are just a few areas we believe are worth prioritizing:
A single source of data truth fed by dozens of internal and external data sources is quickly becoming the norm; the only way to run a modern organization is through a unified data platform.
Improve diagnosis accuracy and treatment plans on everything from common colds to cancer with the most advanced algorithms and machine learning in the industry.
Know when your customer is ready to buy or cancel, and ccurately predict, with unbelievable confidence, when and where your customers are in the market for something new.
Everything you need to know about your customer should be in one place. No stone should be left unturned. Customer 360 solutions get you there faster.

Custom solutions create transformative results

To comply with both customer expectations and industry regulations, you need the right software in the right place. C1 Application Development and Data, Analytics, and AI services provide clients with custom solutions to boost productivity throughout the entire organization. 

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