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Protect critical data and prevent loss with industry-leading data privacy cyber recovery solutions.
You have the right to protect your assets.
It'sthat simple.
Minimize security incidents. Maximize ROI.
We will improve your bottom line - ensuring you minimize cyber security incidents, enhance operational efficiency, meet compliance requirements, and maximize your ROI.
Crystal-clear data visibility starts now
Your future demands a clear vision. That means you need a clear picture of how data is shared, accessed, and used at every turn. That's what we give you.
Peace of mind starts with predictable outcomes
Minimize downtime, reduce financial losses, maintain customer confidence, and meet service level agreements. And do it with predictable results.
Our confidence is from our comprehensiveness
Starting with our world-class reference architecture, we offer end-to-end cyber security solutions
compliant data
Compliant data &
information protection
Accelerate your ROI across the hybrid cloud ecosystem while maintaining security and compliance.
Encryption, tokenization
& pseudonymization
Always on, always protected. Secure sensitive data in transit or at rest.
data security
Data security
Achieve predictable results by minimizing downtime, reducing financial losses, maintaining customer confidence, and meeting service level agreements.
You can only secure what youdeeply understand
Security stories: How we protect our clients' future
Managing risk is not a one-time solution. It's an ongoing journey.
Contact us to get started with yours.
Our world-class partners make it possible
Advanced Security Architecture Specialization
Consistently recognized for aligning with Cisco's strategic priorities, C1 ranks among the top 10 out of over 12,000 Cisco partners in the US.
How we think about security

Offering Overview: Enhance business continuity and reduce risk

Learn how to gain strategic and tactical solutions across the entire lifecycle to monitor and protect data, while aligning to business outcomes.

Protecting the community from ransomware

Learn how we helped a school district implement a cyber recovery solution.
End-to-end cyber security solutions start here
Security Advisory &
Risk Management
Develop strategies to quickly detect and rapidly respond to breaches
Identity &
Access Management
Securely connect people and machines to data and services
Data Security
Protect data at rest, in use and in motion
Infrastructure Protection
Secure applications, infrastructure and endpoints
Cloud Security
Protect critical data and workloads in the cloud
Turn risk into opportunity & secure your future
From company networks to remote work, the modern business model faces an evolving threat landscape. We help our customers create a sound cyber security strategy to proactively manage threats, reduce business risk and ensure compliance.