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An AI copilot that bridges the AI to human gap.


Enhance AI-human collaboration with the copilot providing employees with the knowledge to work more efficiently and effectively. 

True AI to human collaboration.

Introducing C1 Elly Assist for Contact Centers, the AI copilot that seamlessly transitions customers from AI to human agents. Empower your agents with real-time summaries, transcripts, and action items for efficient resolutions and happier customers.

C1 Elly Assist

Your customers won’t ever have to repeat themselves again.

Eliminate handoff headaches by equipping agents to seamlessly pick up where AI left off.

Empower agents with a complete view.

Agents get centralized, real-time customer overview with Agent featuring a two-way data flow. The Agent Workspace functions as a standalone platform or within an existing application. 

Never miss a beat.

Capture the essence of every AI interaction, showing agents what was discussed, collected info, and clear next steps – all at glance. 

Know your customers like never before.

Automatically identify what your customer wants, their sentiment, and even their language. Plus, customize what you capture to get the insights that matter most to you. 

C1 Elly Assist Generative AI suggestions

Suggestions you can trust. 

Use editable generative AI suggestions to automate common responses so agents can resolve situations faster. 

Fast track after-call work. 

Key moments in a conversation are summarized and auto added to CRM records for continuous tracking. 

C1 Elly Assist Summary

Powered by C1 Elly

The only fully managed generative AI platform that safely activates the full potential of your enterprise data to accelerate your time to automation impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is C1 Elly Assist?
Bridge the AI-human gap and empower your contact center with C1 Elly Assist for Contact Centers. This AI copilot delivers smooth transitions between automated and agent-assisted interactions. With real-time summaries, transcripts, and action items, C1 Elly Assist for Contact Centers enables your agents to deliver exceptional customer service efficiently and transforms contact center operations by fostering genuine AI-human collaboration. 
How does generative AI enhance C1 Elly Assist capabilities for contact centers?
Generative AI revolutionizes C1 Elly Assist for Contact Centers by enabling it to produce dynamic, context-aware suggested responses for digital channels. This advanced technology allows the AI to comprehend intricate inquiries and tailor responses with exceptional precision, ensuring each answer is as relevant and accurate as possible
Why choose C1 Elly Assist over other AI Copilots?
Contextual Interactions. Intent Intelligence and the Agent Workspace are designed to transfer customer inquiries, or “intents,” from the AI to human agents in real-time, providing continuity and context for interactions that enhance support efficiency. 
What steps should I take to implement C1 Elly in my enterprise?
Reach out for a consultation, and a member of our AI Center of Excellence experts will demonstrate how our intelligent virtual assistant, powered by Generative AI, can meet your specific needs. 

Hire C1 Elly today

Our AI Center of Excellence experts will demonstrate how C1 Elly can power your AI goals.


C1 Elly Assist Demo

See C1 Elly Assist in action. This demo shows how our AI copilot enhances customer and agent experiences with seamless transitions, real-time summaries, and intelligent automation, streamlining workflows and boosting productivity.

C1 Elly Assist Datasheet

Discover how C1 Elly Assist transforms contact centers. Our AI copilot ensures smooth AI-to-human transitions, providing real-time insights to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction, unlocking the full potential of your enterprise data.

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