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Secure applications, infrastructure, and endpoints.
You have the freedom togrow, securely
Always available. Always on time.
Your customers never stop moving. Neither should you. Maintain frictionless access to on-premise and cloud infrastructure, apps & systems while minimizing downtime.
Informed & in control
You can't make informed decisions with incomplete data. Gain real-time visibility into the status of your infrastructure security with robust analytics for faster, more deliberate threat responses.
Enhanced protection = Enhanced productivity
Free up your workforce to focus on investigations - while our intelligent systems surface critical alerts and perform real-time triage duties in the background.
Our confidence is from our comprehensiveness
Starting with our world-class reference architecture, we offer end-to-end cyber security solutions
managed detection
Managed detection &
response solutions
Develop strategies to detect and rapidly respond to breaches.
SIEM sofware solutions
Centrally collect, analyze, and manage security-related data from various sources in real-time, using cutting-edge SecurityInformation and Event Management(SIEM) software.
complete protection
Complete protection
Comprehensive service that protects your network, server, and endpoints, ensuring total security from A to Z.
Scanning, advisory
& management
Use automated tools to scan your network, systems, and applications for vulnerabilities, minimizing your exposure to risk.
Credential verification
Confirm the identity of users accessing your network or system while continuously monitoring traffic, firewalls, gateways, servers, and endpoints.
network access
Network access
control solutions
Control access, ensuring that only authorized users, devices, and applications are able to connect to your network.
email web
Email, web gateway
& DDoS services
Mitigate phishing, malware, and spam while tightening your threat intelligence capabilities to identify and block malicious web traffic.
application delivery
Application delivery control
Maintain efficiency and ensure security measures are implemented throughout the application delivery process.
Reduce Your Overall Risk
Comprehensive Managed Security services empower you to quickly recognize, identify, and respond to security incidents in every environment, every time.
Infrastructure Protection Managed Security Services
Detect security incidents at their root cause. Then respond, remediate, and take steps to prevent recurrence.
Managed Detection & Response Services
Utilize turnkey cyber-threat solutions that continuously monitor, detect, and respond to cyber threats, ensuring your network is always protected.
You can only secure what youdeeply understand
Security stories: How we protect our clients' future
Managing risk is not a one-time solution. It's an ongoing journey.
Contact us to get started with yours.
Our world-class partners make it possible
Artic Wolf
2021 Partner of the Year
We demonstrated partner excellence by utilizing ArcticWolf internally and becoming a first-hand solution advocate.
Advanced Security Architecture Specialization
Consistently recognized for aligning with Cisco's strategic priorities, C1 ranks among the top 10 out of over 12,000 Cisco partners in the US.
Palo-Alto (1)
Palo Alto
Diamond Partner
With Palo Alto Networks, we create comprehensive cyber security solutions, safeguarding our customer's critical assets and information.
How we think about security

Offering overview: Active defenses for agile infrastructures

C1 Infrastructure Protection hardware and services proactively stop attacks on critical assets and information, providing the freedom to grow securely.

23 cyber security tips for 2023 and beyond

C1’s cyber security experts share 23 tips to get your organization started on a path to a more secure and cyber-aware culture.
End-to-end cyber security solutions start here
Security Advisory &
Risk Management
Develop strategies to quickly detect and rapidly respond to breaches
Identity &
Access Management
Securely connect people and machines to data and services
Data Security
Protect data at rest, in use and in motion
Infrastructure Protection
Secure applications, infrastructure and endpoints
Cloud Security
Protect critical data and workloads in the cloud
Turn risk into opportunity & secure your future
From company networks to remote work, the modern business model faces an evolving threat landscape. We help our customers create a sound cyber security strategy to proactively manage threats, reduce business risk and ensure compliance.