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Develop strategies to quickly detect and rapidly respond to breaches.
Your reputation is only as strong
as your security strategy
Know *all* of your weaknesses
You can't fight what you can't see. And you can't fix what you don't know is broken. Our customized assessments & workshops unveil hidden threats and find weak links.
The threat landscape is constantly evolving. Are you?
Our Security Adoption Services offer comprehensive guidance and support, ensuring you manage and mitigate cyber security risks through every stage of the security lifecycle.
There's more to lose than data
A single slip-up can compromise user data and a business's reputation, bringing you to a grinding halt. Our strategies ensure you conquer the regulatory landscape and secure your future.
Our confidence is from our comprehensiveness
Starting with our world-class reference architecture, we offer end-to-end cyber security solutions
Cyber security  assessments and workshops
Cyber security assessments and workshops
Maintain security and compliance with comprehensive strategies that cover Identity and Access, Data Protection, Cloud and Infrastructure, Secure Remote Workforce, Ransomware, DevSecOps, and others.
Security Lifecycle
Security lifecycle adoption services
Identify risks with ongoing monitoring and rapid response times, neutralizing potential threats and enhancing your security posture.
Vuln Management
Vulnerability management services
Integrate with existing security tools. Then, use automation and continuous monitoring to identify, prioritize, and remediate infrastructure vulnerabilities.
Reduce Your Overall Risk
Minimize potential threats and safeguard corporate assets using Comprehensive Managed Security Services.
Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)
Identify, evaluate, and prioritize security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure with scalable protection that evolves with your needs.
You can only secure what youdeeply understand
Security stories: How we protect our clients' future
Managing risk is not a one-time solution. It's an ongoing journey.
Contact us to get started with yours.
Our world-class partners make it possible
Advanced Security Architecture Specialization
Consistently recognized for aligning with Cisco's strategic priorities, C1 ranks among the top 10 out of over 12,000 Cisco partners in the US.
Palo-Alto (1)
Palo Alto
Diamond Partner
With Palo Alto Networks, we create comprehensive cyber security solutions, safeguarding our customer's critical assets and information.
Through our partnership with Tenable, we ensure our clients achieve end-to-end protection with the industry's most robust and comprehensive vulnerability coverage.
How we think about security

Offering overview: Responsive, automated, and personalized experiences.

Learn how to increase customer satisfaction, retention and success and gain highly engaged customers that buy more, promote more and demonstrate more loyalty.

Dealing with an influx of customer inquiries

Customers say it’s important to not divert all workload to one channel over another but to evenly distribute those inquiries to meet customers where they are.
End-to-end cyber security solutions start here
Security Advisory &
Risk Management
Develop strategies to quickly detect and rapidly respond to breaches
Identity &
Access Management
Securely connect people and machines to data and services
Data Security
Protect data at rest, in use and in motion
Infrastructure Protection
Secure applications, infrastructure and endpoints
Cloud Security
Protect critical data and workloads in the cloud
Turn risk into opportunity & secure your future
From company networks to remote work, the modern business model faces an evolving threat landscape. We help our customers create a sound cyber security strategy to proactively manage threats, reduce business risk and ensure compliance.