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Unlock the value of all your data and make your automation goals a reality with C1 Elly™. Transform how you, your teams, and your customers access information by providing reliable AI-driven answers to any question, anywhere, anytime.

Activate your data’s full potential

Tap into the power of all your enterprise data efficiently and securely

collecting data from siloed systems for generative AI models
Conquer your data.

Through expert curation, pre-processing, and governance, we help you build and maintain a strong foundation for your data.

Reflect uncertainty with confidence.

Generated answers are based on your data, with confidence scoring indicating uncertainty levels, and custom guardrails mitigating AI risks such as hallucinations.

Security you can rely on.

Utilize C1's Protect, Detect, Recover approach for proven security at the highest level.

Self-service that delivers the human experience

Authentic and human experiences at the speed of convenience

Put an end to repetitive conversations.

Ensure seamless, personalized support across channels through context-aware handoffs and intent analysis for a unified experience.

Natural and authentic interactions.

Emulate human dialogue on any channel with generative AI specific to your data.

Speak any language anytime.

Offer worldwide service with support in over 127 languages.


AI that evolves with your brand

Expertly crafted AI experiences infuse your brand's essence into every interaction

The voice of your brand.

Prompt engineers design AI responses that align with your brand, ensuring clarity, quality, and safety.

Forever relevant.

Experience ongoing enhancements driven by feedback and human oversight.

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Since deploying the C1 intelligent virtual assistant, we’ve achieved authentication rates up to 80% and IVA containment rates for the payment app reaching 76% so far in 2024. These results demonstrate and validate what’s possible. Working with the C1 team has ensured we’re able to realize the potential of those possibilities.

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Hire C1 Elly for any task

Whether it's for automation, optimization, or empowerment, our AI Center of Excellence helps you determine the areas that make the biggest impact.


Customers can self-schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments.


Reduce ticket volumes by guiding users to self-service resources for common issues.


Enhance security by verifying user identity through multiple methods.


Accurately route customer calls to the most suitable support based on predefined criteria.


Enable secure, instant payments with a single click.


Streamline debt recovery with automated reminders and payment options.


Provide instant answers to frequently asked questions.


Provide personalized travel planning, recommendations, and updates automatically.


Offer immediate automated support and triage for crisis situations, 24/7.


Collect customer feedback through automated survey distribution and collection.


Manage and route voice calls, reducing the need for live agents.


Handle inquiries across email, SMS, and social channels.

Trust by design

Have confidence that your data is safe and secure. Each C1 Elly response is crafted from your data, safeguarded by multiple checkpoints and custom-built guardrails to mitigate risks such as hallucinations, toxicity, or irrelevance.

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Committed to security and compliance

C1’s security and compliance qualifications have you covered from consumer privacy to system security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is C1 Elly?
C1 Elly is an intelligent virtual assistant, powered by generative AI, that activates the value of all your enterprise data. AI experts manage and tune your data to deliver reliable, accurate answers to customers and employees in any language on any channel. C1 Elly’s natural, context-aware interactions create authentic AI experiences that maintain precision, relevance, and a consistent brand experience.
How does generative AI enhance C1 Elly’s capabilities?
Generative AI revolutionizes C1 Elly by enabling it to produce dynamic, context-aware responses, elevating any interaction to near-human levels across all communication channels, including voice. This advanced technology allows C1 Elly to comprehend intricate inquiries and tailor responses with exceptional precision, ensuring each answer is as relevant and accurate as possible.
Why choose C1 Elly over other intelligent virtual assistants?

C1 Elly elevates intelligent virtual agent technology with three unique capabilities:

Pre-built Integrations. Based on over 200 pre-built integrations, C1 Elly can quickly access data that has historically been in silos across the organization in CRM, ITSM, and ERP systems.

Authentic Interactions. C1 Elly uses the Human Experience Quality Index to measure the quality and accuracy of each AI interaction to prevent hallucinations, toxic language, and irrelevance and ensure continuous improvement in the quality of answers C1 Elly is providing.

Contextual Interactions. Intent services are designed to transfer customer inquiries, or “intents,” from C1 Elly to human agents in real-time, providing continuity and context for interactions that enhance support efficiency.

How is C1 Elly tuned to be relevant to my business?
From implementation to post-deployment, you work with a dedicated AI expert who carefully tailors and monitors your C1 Elly overtime through prompt engineering. Using proprietary techniques and tools, such as the Human Experience Quality Index, your AI experts can detect gaps in training data to ensure the intelligent virtual assistant remains relevant and precise as your business grows and changes.
What steps should I take to implement C1 Elly in my enterprise?
Reach out for a consultation, and a member of our AI Center of Excellence experts will demonstrate how our intelligent virtual assistant, powered by Generative AI, can meet your specific needs.

Hire C1 Elly today

Our AI Center of Excellence experts will demonstrate how C1 Elly can power your AI goals.

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