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Unlock Hidden Insights with a Free C1 Intent Study!

Leverage Your Call Data to Drive Automation and Savings

  • Are you ready to harness the power of your enterprise data to drive significant savings, streamline operations, and enhance customer experiences? We're excited to offer you an exclusive opportunity: the C1 Intent Study, typically valued at $25,000, completely free of charge for qualified customers like you. 


How it Works:

1. Setup and Capture: Acquire call data to understand caller intents.
2. Intent Hierarchy: Categorize intents to pinpoint automation opportunities.
3. Review and Readout: Analyze data to identify automation possibilities based on real customer intent.

4. Joint Planning: Collaborate on automation and AI implementation recommendations with a solid business case.

5. Automation Data: Uncover potential cost savings and efficiency gains for targeted intents. 

Key Outcomes:
Our clients have witnessed remarkable results through the implementation of automation following the Intent Study:

Large Dental Provider: Achieved savings exceeding $1 million annually while enhancing agent and patient experiences. 
Large Medical Provider: Realized increased organizational efficiencies, leading to heightened patient satisfaction.