The “on switch” to greater productivity and profits.

Perhaps more than any other, the utility industry is best suited to benefit from the many efficiencies and streamlined responses that unified communications and collaboration provide. With the number of employees who are deployed in the field, and with the need for expert analysis of the situations they encounter, the benefits of a solid unified communications solution from C1 are immeasurable.

Now representatives in the field can quickly communicate with customer service representatives to offer real-time situation status. They also have easy access to subject matter experts should they experience unexpected situations.


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  • More productivity
    Multi-state utilities can minimize travel expenses and maximize productivity through video conferencing
  • Enhanced collaboration
    Key decision makers can easily collaborate across multiple time zones
  • Increased utilization and reliability
    Assure your customers have access to your services and customer support at any time
  • Meet compliance requirements
    Deploy infrastructure that assures you’re gaining efficiency and cost savings while staying within security regulations

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