Communications meets technology.

When it comes to technology, “Done is better than perfect” is how the saying goes. Meaning that given the speed at which things change in the technology sector, time is not only money, but the future of your company. A missed opportunity or a delayed implementation could cost you a first place position in a multi-billion dollar industry.

With the communication of new ideas being the key to success, coupled with the need for speed in disseminating and implementing those ideas, this is exactly why, if you’re in the technology sector you need a unified communications solution from C1.

With C1 there is no delay when it comes to getting work done.



  • Enhance collaboration
    Web and video conferencing with the ability to share files, screens and data, and also use interactive whiteboards
  • Reduce travel
    Increase employee productivity and shorten the time spent completing projects
  • Get multivendor solutions
    Pick and choose solutions from the industry’s leading providers
  • Locate team members
    Presence solutions allow you to know precisely where team members are, if they are available and multiple ways to reach them
  • Improve marketing and sales efficiency
    Provide timely product information to team members

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