The right formula for success.

To be innovative in the pharmaceutical field you first need to be collaborative. With teams stretched across the globe and sales taking place on a global scale, the more your team can stay in constant contact the more likely your product will get to market as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

With a unified communications solution from C1, you can get the seamless communication you need to effectively navigate R&D, clinical trials, approvals and marketing.

By removing barriers to communication we can help your company achieve your business objectives by not only reducing costs, but also by increasing your team’s productivity.



  • Remove geographical barriers
    Enable face-to-face real-time collaboration via video conferencing that allows you to share files, screens and data, and use interactive whiteboards
  • Boost marketing and sales
    Allow sales staff to instantly connect subject matter experts with potential new clients to answer detailed questions
  • Locate your team
    Use presence to easily locate team members and their availability to conference
  • Virtual meetings
    Healthcare providers are more likely to allow for a virtual meeting to discuss your products whereas a face-to-face meeting would potentially be declined
  • Reduce travel
    Reduce any delays that travel can cause as well as the carbon emissions they create

The success of pharmaceutical firms will increasingly depend on how quickly they can innovate and communications is going to be key one of the key elements for future success. By working with us, you get a single point of contact for providing you with that competitive edge.

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