Parents and communities place the highest degree of trust in local educational agency (LEA) schools to 1) educate children and 2) keep children safe. LEA instructional and technology leaders are innovative and tireless in managing this enormous responsibility.

And so are we. Inspired by the mission of educators, we develop solutions for academic equity, student access, ransomware readiness and other matters of concern to school leaders.

Our work primarily centers on:

Supporting new pedagogy in the classroom

Strengthening security measures on campus and online, and

Sustaining what ultimately becomes an enterprise-grade environment of tens of thousands of connected users; all without enterprise budgets and headcount.

WATCH: Enabling Remote Learning for
Huntington Beach Union High School District



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[Use Case]


For a California school district (27K students), C1 implemented a comprehensive assessment and workshop to design and deliver an environment with security, sustainability and real student outcomes. Requirements included the ability to support 30K+ simultaneous users; district-wide attendance applications for increased funding through accurate ADA; teacher mobility; and ubiquitous connectivity.

[Use Case]


C1’s IT Lifecycle Services (ITLS) team assisted a large school district in the Midwest with rolling out 12,000 devices to students in four high schools. ITLS took complete ownership of the process by systematically delivering learning devices using a proven, best-practices approach ⏤ including imaging, laser-engraving, and asset-tagging all of the devices for optimized management. C1 then assisted with the physical deployment onsite.

[Use Case]


With a vision strategy to redefine public education in their communities, this district of 150 campuses and 4 data centers is addressing big challenges in their city with C1, and it all starts with the creative use of technology to promote equity, opportunity, and city-wide transformation using 5+ years of strategic E-Rate and Bond allocations.

[Use Case]


Serving this impoverished community for nearly two decades, C1 provided real-world cloud-managed networking to a district that supports campuses sprinkled over 5,000 sq miles, drastically reducing windshield time for the key personnel creating a new 5-year strategic education and technology plan.

Modern Classrooms




There is an art to successfully “digitizing” the classroom and it starts at the intersection of technology and pedagogy. We own this space and it’s a differentiator.

Education in a Post-Pandemic World

It’s a sobering fact: 22% percent of students don’t have internet access at home. As educators prepare for a “new normal”⏤where social distancing will likely be warranted for the foreseeable future⏤they’re confronted with the fact that many students won’t be able to “log-on” to lessons.



Safe Schools

C1 provides solutions to shore up both physical security and network security.


Campus Security


The threat of school violence has educators on edge. Risks need to be identified with consideration to student privacy. Security needs to be conducted in a way that doesn’t feel like a prison. What’s more, many physical security solutions now run with new feature sets only possible on IP networks ⏤ meaning that IT teams now have partial or new responsibility for physical security.

C1 coordinates a mix of digital applications to shield against/respond to threats and other hazards. Key areas of focus include:

  • Surveillance tools that provide situational awareness of digital and physical perimeters; and the data necessary to respond to threats
  • Collaboration tools that guide school personnel, first responders and others through critical decision making in an emergency – including confirmation that it is an emergency ⏤ and provide instruction to those affected
  • Emergency notification from overhead paging to digital signage, SMS and app-based push notification tools; as well as “background” alerts to automate and quicken response
  • For LEAs that are ready to take the next step, we can introduce safety innovations built on the network; for instance, facial recognition and/or weapons detection that doesn’t require a metal detector

We make these digital transitions easy for schools: building the engines that reliably power these new capabilities. We take care of the intricacies of networking; implementation of wireless and telephony systems; and technology procurement through trusted partner relationships.



Education ranks among the top 2 targets for cybersecurity threats. More than 500 U.S. schools were hit with ransomware in 2019 alone. But the threat doesn’t stop there: Cyber events also include harassment of an individual, and often occurs as a precursor to school violence.

C1 helps school districts stay ahead of the threat by exploring opportunities on several fronts:

  • Workshop and assessment of network infrastructure, cybersecurity, collaboration tools, policies and processes
  • Inventory of potential data loss should total cyber-encryption occu
  • Day-Zero attack scenario analysis
  • Cost comparison of a complete system rebuild with/without a cyber recovery system
  • Development of a Cyber Recovery Vault; a fully isolated on-premises data center for “saferoom” repository/recovery; and immutable backup replica repository
  • Creation of runbook and simulated cyber recovery event for staff training
  • Development of governance procedures

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