Check-in time for the future of communications is now.

As a hospitality provider, your business is not only expected to provide a superior experience for those who are away from home on vacation, but also those who are making use of your services for business.

Both have their own individual needs and both expect their experiences to be superior to what they have at home or at the office. After all, you’re the pros when it comes to hospitality, right? So make sure you can meet, and exceed, those expectations, with communication solutions from C1.

We offer solutions specifically designed for the hospitality and cruise line industry, allowing you to personalize your guests’ experiences, gather valuable information as well as improve the productivity of your housekeeping and maintenance staff.



  • Bypass the front desk
    Quick check-in and check out services
  • Enhance guest experience
    Enable quick response from staff no matter where or when, and all from whatever device your customers choose
  • Staff conferencing
    Staff can video conference on their mobile devices, no matter the location, to collaborate and plan upcoming events
  • Video conferencing
    The very latest, including high-definition video and interactive whiteboard capabilities
  • Ease maintenance burden
    Streamlined virtualized centrally managed infrastructure
  • Use existing hardware
    Save on capital expenditures
  • Flexibility
    The built-in ability to grow and change to meet your long-term needs

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