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Leading the Way with Avaya for 17 Years Straight

C1 continues to lead the way with innovative solutions that add value to its customers’ Avaya investments.

For the 17th consecutive year, C1 has been honored as Avaya Enterprise Partner of the Year, solidifying its position as a trusted and innovative leader in the technology solutions space. This remarkable achievement underscores C1’s commitment to elevating connected human experiences and delivering unparalleled value to its customers. 

Enterprises continue to navigate change and need a trusted partner that can help them modernize without risk. As Avaya’s largest, longest-running, and most successful partner focused on large enterprise customers, C1 is best positioned to help them navigate these changes with an extensive portfolio of enterprise collaboration tools and integrations. As a result, C1 continues to provide incremental value to its Avaya customers by extending their existing enterprise communications investments with continued innovation. C1 is also a Zoom and RingCentral partner, and Avaya’s recent partnership announcements – which include a new partnership with Zoom and an expanded partnership with RingCentral – mean that C1 can deliver tightly integrated solutions to its enterprise customers that provide the best of both worlds: modern collaboration capabilities from both Zoom and RingCentral running on top of Avaya’s enterprise communications platform. 

I feel what we are fostering now is a bigger ecosystem play which is very good for the customers. Because now they have choice. Avaya’s working with Zoom, Avaya’s working with RingCentral, we work with Zoom, we work with RingCentral. It brings customer choice in the equation. The more choice we have, the better for customers.

– C1 Chief Growth Officer Amrit Chaudhuri, speaking with Zeus Kerravala during a recent ZCast on the floor of Avaya ENGAGE 

In addition to modern collaboration tools, C1 Elly, a generative AI-based intelligent virtual assistant (IVA), allows Avaya customers to take advantage of advanced automations to provide self-service for both customers and employees. With C1 Elly, Avaya customers can unlock the value of all their enterprise data to streamline operations, reduce manual workloads, and enhance efficiency while improving the customer and employee experience. 

“We have a deep commitment to our partner ecosystem and celebrate C1 for their recognition as an Avaya Partner of the Year,” said Chris Dickson, VP of North America Channel, Avaya. “As one of Avaya’s valued partners, C1 continues to provide solutions for our joint customers that enable their innovation without disruption while enhancing customer and employee experiences. We look forward to driving further engagement with our collective customers as they choose their innovation journey.” 

C1 provides AI-powered communications, collaboration, cloud networking, data center, and cybersecurity solutions for over 6,000 enterprise and mid-market customers, enjoying the trust and confidence of numerous industry leaders, including nearly half of the Fortune 100 companies. With over 5,600 technical certifications held by thousands of engineers across North America and India, C1 is equipped to deliver top-tier solutions and support.  

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About the author:
Alain Mowad has close to 30 years of experience in the enterprise and SaaS contact center and unified communications spaces, in both product management and product marketing roles. In his spare time, Alain likes to coach and play ice hockey and get actively involved in parent and community groups.