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Unleash Your Team’s Superpowers

In the world of technology, there are countless functions and features that help us run our lives more smoothly. Obscure parts become easier for employees to find, lengthy phone calls become concise, and tedious tasks become organized with the right technology. Those with more experience using technology are more efficient and can seem to know everything about it. Their powers are no secret, however. They too had their origin story, running their business from the ground up, adding in the right tech at the right time.

As the digital world continues to update, you can become your own digital superhero with your own digital powers. New innovations and operating systems can be difficult to use, but you don’t have to face them alone. The Avaya & ConvergeOne team combines forces to help with your customer-centric crusade. Together, we will turn your stresses into superpowers—workflow optimization, time and project management, personalized customer support, and increased revenue—to help you build a better world for your business and customers.

A manual approach can be powerful, which leads some to reject the upgrades available through automation. In an in-store setting, you can attend to customers’ needs immediately and clarify with hands-on context. Nevertheless, customers wanting to do business with you also exist outside your establishment. If your team is busy answering phone calls when a customer arrives at the front desk, or vice versa, they won’t be able to help everyone as quickly as they deserve. With Avaya & ConvergeOne, employees spend less time on menial tasks and more time nurturing relationships with high-value clients. Avaya & ConvergeOne’s cloud-based solutions empower your team with administrative superpowers. Through iterative background automations and customized solutions, your team will become more unified and be able to defeat frustrating this-or-that scenarios to build customer loyalty.

The most recognizable form of automation is the front-end intelligent virtual agent. Better known as chatbots, these interceptors and dealers of information rely on a database of resources to help customers find answers and make decisions. Rather than a circuitous back-and-forth, talk-reply model a villain might use, Avaya & ConvergeOne have digital sidekicks that use nuanced and cutting-edge machine learning. Natural language processing allows us to understand your customers’ simple and complex needs, from inventory to distribution to payment. This frees up you and your workforce to spend more time on the truly strategic needs and that? Well, that makes your team become heroes in the office.

Replicating human ingenuity requires a keen awareness and collection of biological data. Together, we predict problems and produce solutions at every point of touch. Our AI-powered solutions study the behavior of your customers and create more efficient workflows, enabling your employees to deliver white-glove service with accurate and efficient turnaround. Your team will discover new ideas, new strategies, and greater job satisfaction. Your clients will have increasingly positive interactions with you, every day. Automation in combination with authentic biometrics, such as face and voice recognition, create a personal fidelity between the user and technology. The bottom line: our chatbot does not feel like a chatbot. This is next-level tech that your customers will love.

Avaya & ConvergeOne have combined efforts to provide solutions that evolve to your customers’ needs. As we automate menial tasks and collateral duties, we can allocate time and efforts towards knowing your customer. The more we know about the customer, through our easier and more secure authentication, the better the customer experience will be. The all-in-one cloud solution takes less tedious input and gives more purposeful output. Your input with cloud output makes us a compound machine of creativity and community for employees and customers. By embracing our cloud-based solutions, your team will become customer experience superheroes, saving the day for clients around the world.

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About the author:
The cloud isn’t a destination – it’s a toolkit. Customers want experiences that are effortless. Employees want easy access to the people and tools they need. With Avaya and ConvergeOne, there is an experience platform that makes it all possible.