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How Aims Community College Reduced Phone System Workload by 30%

Prior to the onset of COVID-19 in early 2020, Aims Community College had been looking to migrate from a traditional on-premises Avaya phone system that had been in operation for decades. Before the mass closure of school campuses, students, staff, and faculty traveled to Aims’ campuses every day. Telework was possible using a VPN but was approved on a case-by-case basis. When necessity called for distance learning and remote work, Rhonda Johnson, Director, Network and Telecom for IT at Aims, knew the college’s existing phone system could not sustain off-campus processes at scale.

Aims Community College is one of the most progressive community colleges in Colorado, with more than 200 degree and certificate programs, including everything from healthcare to aviation and agriculture. The college specializes in flexible education offerings, including day and evening classes, online course options, and top-rated faculty, serving over 8,000 students across four campuses in northern Colorado.

Johnson and her team of network and systems engineers began speaking with the C1 and Avaya teams about Avaya Cloud Office® by RingCentral® to solve for remote learning and overall collaboration. The cloud-based phone system represents a flexible alternative that can seamlessly support remote work with rich, enterprise-grade communications. After working from home with Avaya Cloud Office for a couple of months, the school was able to push the proof of concept through and get key decision-makers to approve the investment. Aims began converting in August of 2020, with the goal of moving pre-set groups of users over every month. The college was able to accelerate that and move 650 of its 800 staff members within a short two months, with the option to flexibly add new users as needed.

With Avaya Cloud Office, Johnson and her team have been able to reduce their workload on phone systems by a minimum of 30% while increasing uptime—all with no net gain of cost and increased communications functionality. “The move to Avaya Cloud Office during the pandemic was a significant contributor to our seamless move to remote services. It supported us through the pandemic and will be a key service as we continue on with our hybrid environment and new telework policy,” said Brad Yoder, CIO/CTO of Aims Community College.

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