Using Integrated Communications to Bring People Together

As the world of Unified Communications (UC) gets more complex, C1 will help you make sense of it all – leveraging familiar technology in new ways to simplify the process of bringing people together and helping them work more effectively. Our experts will help you create a UC collaboration strategy that aligns with your business goals and integrates the best products, applications and services into a seamless converged infrastructure.

We can design an advanced architecture that enables you to make a major shift to a VoIP infrastructure or a SIP core. After a deep dive consultation, we lay out a detailed plan that ensures every aspect of your system design aligns with best practices. A C1 engineer maps devices/applications, recovery timers, IP addresses, VLANs, subnets, domains, sites and SM Dial patterns to smooth and speed the final conversion. LEARN MORE

Using Integrated Communications to Bring People Together

SIP Services

SIP Services

Expertise to design, architect and implement best-in-class solutions

To date, C1has successfully implemented hundreds of SIP solutions encompassing a variety of applications including unified communications, remote workers and contact centers, as well as a variety of third-party vendor applications.

For example, we have created an innovative sequenced application for contact centers aimed at improving customer satisfaction — enhancing an outbound calling service by checking the local time for the person being called to ensure that all calls are initiated during the appropriate time of day.

Customers deploying SIP trunks into their contact center will benefit from this offer designed to verify the provisioned SIP trunk capacity and overflow behavior. C1’s engineers generate call traffic across the PSTN to the customer’s SIP trunks and confirm that the service provider delivers the proper number of calls to the UC/telephony system and treats overflow as expected. The test will also confirm the routing, call handling and capacity of the contact center systems.
Capitalizing on the integration capabilities of SIP, many businesses are merging their disparate voice communications systems into a corporate system via a uniform dial plan, leaving hardware in place. Respecting the dial plan constraints of each manufacturer’s platform and maximizing the user dialing experience adds challenge to this merge.

C1 can help you identify and expose risks, and assist you in developing a risk mitigation strategy using our best-of-breed professional services solution: the C1 Security Assurance Review (SAR). LEARN MORE

With services ranging from a basic security audit to comprehensive testing of your SIP infrastructure, trust us to identify potential risks and recommend the steps to take to prevent them from impacting your business.

VoIP Services

From analysis to design and deployment, we’ve got you covered

This offer includes design and development of Quality of Service (QoS) and Virtual LAN (VLAN) strategies, and optional configuration of data network devices to support VoIP.
To support a successful IP telephony deployment, a data network must prioritize and dependably deliver all the traffic related to the business telephony application. This analysis reviews your data network for its ability to successfully deliver highly sensitive data traffic.
C1 uses specialized tools to create a custom diagram representing your existing network region design. Our engineers will then assist you in comparing the diagram with your actual data network topology — identifying any anomalies and areas that need to be updated, and giving you recommendations on best practices.
Let C1 map your current network design to your business requirements and create a customized redesign plan to support your long-term strategies. This optimization adds value to upgrades from older CM versions and is especially important when deploying SIP trunks or endpoints for the first time to ensure optimal media resource selection.
A Quality Assurance Review ensures that technical obstacles are resolved prior to the deployment of a VoIP solution and your data network is capable of supporting voice that meets quality standards. This includes evaluation, testing and documentation of the results.
VoIP Services

Integrated Management Services

Integration is the Key

Integration is the Key

We provide design, implementation and training for a suite of services:

  • Administration
  • Performance
  • Prognosis VoIP
  • Enterprise Network Management (including Software Update Manager)

Capitalizing on C1’s extensive VMware lab, our engineers test application function, capacities and failover behavior. In so doing, the engineers designed an integrated hardware solution called the C1 UC vStack. The affordable vStack combines the significant advantages of virtualization with the capabilities of VMware and the convenience of an appliance.

For more information on the capabilities of our VMware lab CLICK HERE

For more information on our affordable vStack CLICK HERE

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We work with more than 300 technology partners – leading hardware companies and software providers – so we can deliver the right solution for your unique needs. Our experience with these other leading companies enables us to design, implement, manage and support even the most complex multivendor environments. Learn more about our partners.