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Your customers are looking for options when they communicate with your organization. C1 is right behind you with the technology and strategic thinking to get your customer engagement management automated and beyond.

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A Secure Customer Experience

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The Customer Relationship Renaissance

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The Chief Transformation Officer


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The Journey to Workforce Engagement

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5 Steps to Creating Personalized Customer Experiences

Thought Leadership Series:
The AI Powered Contact Center
Part 1

Thought Leadership Series:
The AI Powered Contact Center
Part 2

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Customer Engagement Optimization Services

Register today for a complimentary Customer Engagement Optimization Services Proof of Concept. Discover the power of IVR Optimization and Voice + Text Analytics with our complimentary Proof of Concept.
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Analytics + Reporting

Analytics + Reporting

How are customers contacting you now? How many times have they called? Is it more important to know how long they have been on the phone, or how satisfied they are with your service? New modes of communication allow for new metrics to understand your customer’s journey. With analytics and advanced reporting you have much more data available to start asking different questions about how your customers are being treated, and more importantly, how happy they are with your service. LEARN MORE


Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than going through an automated interactive voice response (IVR) system only to be asked the exact same questions when they reach an agent. With today’s modern contact center solutions, we can bring new technologies and integrations to your agents, as well as supervisors, to provide both a better experience for them, and your customers. LEARN MORE

IVR, Self-services + Advanced Routing

“Press 1 for sales, press 2 for marketing…” is a thing of the past. No one wants to navigate through endless menus only to sit in line forever only to end up with the wrong agent. Today’s modern IVR applications can help to identify customers and customize how they get their answers as fast as possible – sometimes even without ever talking to an agent. It can also assist in creating new ways to prepare customers so they know what to expect; you can allow customers to opt for a call back, or serve themselves, or a host of other options. LEARN MORE

Omnichannel Communications

Omnichannel communications allows you the ability to create a seamless experience for your customers as well as a way to report about all the modes customers are using in common reports. How many times have they emailed you? Did they call you first? Have they posted anything on social media about their experience? Without omnichannel, there is no ability to track customer journeys. LEARN MORE

Remote Agent

Working from home. Working from the road. Working from wherever. It’s not really important where the work gets done, only that it does get done. With modern communications systems we can establish a working environment wherever your employees feel most comfortable. LEARN MORE

Social Media

Many of the younger generation are bypassing traditional contact centers all together and turning directly to social media for resolutions, simply assuming that the company they’re addressing is listening. You don’t want to be the one who isn’t. Quick resolutions lead to positive feedback that show your customers you take their feedback very seriously. Conversely, ignoring your customers could turn into a potential viral nightmare. LEARN MORE

Cloud Connectors + Integration Software

Thanks to the cloud, your applications can be more powerful than ever. And with integration software for and Oracle Service Cloud your call center employees can be more productive than ever, while providing a more customized and streamlined experience for your customers. LEARN MORE


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Workforce Optimization + Quality Monitoring

Workforce Optimization (WFO) has evolved with new algorithms and tools to get more input, which allows contact centers to schedule not just the right amount of agents, but the right agents to begin with. Whether it is performance based scheduling or retention targets, WFO is a needed tool to ensure the agent workforce is working for you.

As for monitoring, whether it is for quality or compliance, the ability to hear exactly what is going on between agents and customers is a common necessity for most contact center managers. And simply recording calls, and then listening to them later, is not enough. The ability to score samples and give feedback to agents for training is just the first step. In addition, there are more options to search for keywords in conversations, real-time monitoring and analytics on the recordings that can identify trends or changes to how your agents interact with your customers. LEARN MORE