Get smarter.

Is your communications network as “smart” as your students? Today’s students are not like the generations before. They don’t just expect to be able to use their mobile devices as their primary form of communications, but they expect to use them in multiple ways. They want their smartphones to be brilliant and so your communications network needs to be the same.

C1 provides you with single point of contact to handle all your unified communications needs. Our education specialists can help you transform your educational environment with cutting-edge, yet cost-effective solutions and services, to enhance the learning and teaching experience, across campus and beyond.

Get smarter


  • Centrally deployed and shared apps based on user needs
  • Mobile learning technologies for improved instructor productivity and real-time student collaboration
  • Unified Communications across vendors, supporting bring your own device (BYOD)
  • Cloud-based apps to reach and engage more students regardless of their location
  • Video and immersive, web-based collaboration technologies
  • Web portal and presence applications
  • e911 routing to enhance public safety and emergency communications
  • Notification systems for responding to events such as school closings

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