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As consumer demands change, healthcare organizations need to increase productivity, lower costs, and deliver a seamless—and digital—experience.
The good news? We’re taking healthcare consulting to the next level by helping organizations adapt and optimize for the future.
We Help Healthcare Organizations Adapt And Optimize For The Future
By embracing new technologies, you can operate more efficiently, effectively and affordably. We’ll help you modernize and deliver more personalized care, which drive better outcomes.
Patient Experience 360
Patient Experience 360
Create unified experiences across the entire healthcare chain. We never underestimate the importance of rapid integration and data-driven analytics in driving the future.
Application Modernization
Application Modernization
Simplify, modernize, improve quality, and expand access to the complex ecosystem of healthcare. We partner with healthcare organizations to help them better understand and capitalize on opportunities in a dynamic and evolving marketplace.
Data and Analytics
Data and Analytics
Modern AWS Data Lakes represent an increasingly popular approach to store and analyze data, via a central repository that addresses the need to deliver insights in a timely manner with both agility and flexibility.
Cloud Governance and Financial Management
Cloud Governance
and Financial Management
Manage the deep complexities of healthcare cloud & data governance, in addition to cloud economics.
Seamless Data Integration
Seamless Data Integration
Drive care quality and revenue cycle analytics through our experience with data interoperability and compliance.
Dan VillageMD
I value C1 for their level of expertise, professionalism, and what they bring to our organization across a variety of fronts, inclusive of AWS EC2 for Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server.
Dan Iantorno
Senior Vice President, VillageMD
Time To Modernize Healthcare For The Future
Get Modernized Healthcare Solutions To Operate More Efficiently, Effectively, and Affordably.
How we think about security

Offering Overview: Enhance business continuity and reduce risk

Learn how to gain strategic and tactical solutions across the entire lifecycle to monitor and protect data, while aligning to business outcomes.

Protecting the community from ransomware

Learn how we helped a school district implement a cyber recovery solution.