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How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Your Cyber Security Program

A big buzzword that is transforming the way businesses use new technology is artificial intelligence, or AI. Learn how it can be used to enhance your cyber security program.

I’ve covered the risks that AI can introduce to your organization. Now, let’s discuss the ways that AI can be utilized to bolster your cyber security program.

Cyber Threat Detection

Cyber threat intelligence and threat hunting is elevated with a proper AI system.

Predictive Models

Improve anomalous detection times and response in order to stop attacks.

Phishing Detection

With proper email profiles and “normalized” traffic, anomalous entries can be detected before delivery.

Network Security

The ability to detect unauthorized access, unusual codes and other anomalous behavior will provide the ability to prevent further attacks.

Automated Incident Reponses

AI systems can boost threat hunting, incidents of compromise detection and incident responses.  All these can reduce incident response times and reduce potential harm to your network.

Insider Threat Mitigation

These types of threats come in two categories: malicious and unintentional. Both can be detected via anomalous behavior based on profiled patterns from each user.

Strengthening of Access Control

AI can strengthen user access by including biometrics, multi-factor authentication and location-based usage to track logs and compare based on individual attributes.

Identification of False Positives

One of the biggest issues with log events is the threat of investigating false positives. It is a time-consuming practice that taxes resources. AI systems can mitigate these risks by managing low-probability threats.

IT Staffing Efficiency and Costs

AI systems allow for 24/7 prevention, detection and response, allowing for SOC employee efficiencies and lowered costs (money spent on overtime, etc.).

Modern Cyber Security Solutions Include AI

Understanding and being predictive in providing real-time business decisions is key to business competitiveness. With AI’s ability to provide advanced analytics, the advantages have never been greater, and utilizing this same technology to detect changes to your network, data and applications will also elevate your security and privacy measures.

Addressing the risks and taking advantage of the many benefits of AI will be instrumental to a stable and transformative digital future.

Incorporating AI into your cyber security program is not a one-time solution. It's an ongoing journey.

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About the author:
Vito Nozza's career spans 20+ years in Enterprise Architecture, with 15 years specific to Cyber Security. He has held roles as a CTO, Director, Principal Architect and Global Security Advisor, which have all led to establishing guidance and consultative measures to SME and Enterprise-grade entities. Vito has been paramount in establishing cloud security, guided frameworks and disaster/incident response plans, with overall GRC and ERM goals.