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Unlocking New Potential for Higher Education

About 90% of colleges and universities see fewer than 70% of students graduate within six years. Clearly, student retention is a big goal for provosts and other institutional leaders. Higher Education is seeking ways to engage students to not only keep them rooted to the campus community, but also to ensure they graduate. Additionally, as campuses expand within their own footprint or to new locations, they look to modernize and future-proof investments.

Institutions of higher education also provide a lucrative target for cybercrime, as there is a wealth of data points on students and staff all in one place. The FTC reports that college students are three times more likely to lose money from fraud than older adults. Academic research is also a target for espionage.

Higher Ed has troves of student data to protect—including social security numbers, financial data, and health data—but they have to be strategic about how they steward this information and ensure uptime for all the tools students and staff rely on as a competitive academic institution. ConvergeOne unlocks new potential for Higher Ed, leaning into a breadth of multi-practice solutions to create richer connections, stronger engagement, and more secure learning environments.

Immersive Classroom experiences give students a front-row seat to content and conversation, from wherever, without sacrificing academic standards or limiting the instructor’s ability to teach. Institute of Education Sciences studies show that more than one-fourth of a student’s time in class is “off-task” ⏤ meaning they’re tuned out and disengaged. To combat this, we at ConvergeOne thoughtfully design experiences to promote student success, incorporating features like cinematic video, defined digital workspaces for student discussion, and active service monitoring to optimize presentation quality.

Further, when a medical school acquired more than 20 clinics from a competing university, ConvergeOne built a full data center stack and managed the entire handover process to facilitate a very complex cutover within one day of the school assuming ownership ⏤ with no interruptions or outages.

Other solutions and applications include:

  • Industry-leading consulting workshops and assessment of network Infrastructure, cybersecurity, collaboration tools, policies, and processes that enable leaders to act on fact

  • Reliable, cross-campus access, including outdoor spaces

  • Web portal and presence applications

  • Contact centers with next-generation intelligent routing, scaled with needs, to create incredible student experiences and first impressions, as well as quickly connect callers to desired services

  • Security/emergency detection and notification

  • Day-Zero attack readiness and recovery across widening perimeters of security

  • Cost comparison of a complete system rebuild with/without a cyber recovery system

  • Development of a Cyber Recovery Vault, a fully isolated on-premises data center for “saferoom” repository/recovery and immutable backup replica repository

  • Creation of runbook and simulated cyber recovery event for staff training

  • Managed solutions to augment teams in advanced technologies

  • A lifecycle approach to projects that includes optimization services to ensure technology and teams are aligned for the best performance/value

Ready to unlock new potential for higher ed?

ConvergeOne unlocks new potential for higher ed, leaning into a breadth of multi-practice solutions to create richer connections, stronger engagement and cyber security. Learn more by visiting our Higher Ed site. Learn More
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