Customized Solutions for Your Business

Like a fingerprint, no two companies are the same, and neither are their application needs. That’s why a company like C1 can help you really shine.

As an independent application provider we work with numerous partners in the IT field, which means we can provide you with the best of the best, not the best of what just one supplier can provide. We select the right solutions and then individually tailor them to your company’s existing software and hardware.

Customized Solutions for Your Business


While every business has its own special needs, many times within that organization there are individual departments that have their own special needs. For both these situations we can provide third-party applications that help make both the overall organization more successful, as well as the individual units that make up the organization.

It’s like taking your computer with you wherever you go, because with a global desktop you can get access to all your applications from anywhere your browser connects to the internet. Doesn’t matter if the connection is from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
With the number of applications on the rise, as well as the use of cloud based workload management, it’s becoming increasingly important that cloud connectors play a vital roll in an organization’s ability to get their work done. And as applications continue to evolve and serve the needs of specific business segments, proper application programming interface (API) management will be needed to allow organizations to successfully create, manage, secure, analyze and scale their APIs.

Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Application Development

Extend the power of your technology.

C1's team of expert engineers develops widgets and applications from the ground up that are specifically designed to extend the power of your technology. When functionality isn’t available out of the box, we take it upon ourselves to develop customized applications that will provide the functionality you need to fill any gaps in your solutions.

Our Partners

We work with more than 300 technology partners – leading hardware companies and software providers – so we can deliver the right solution for your unique needs. Our experience with these other leading companies enables us to design, implement, manage and support even the most complex multivendor environments. Learn more about our partners.


Cutting-Edge Applications That Maximize ROI

Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution for today’s complex IT environments, C1 develops applications to connect and enhance your solutions.


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