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As data needs become more complex, enterprises often struggle to manage the cost, efficiency, performance and security of their IT infrastructure. But with server solutions from C1, your enterprise can better manage IT costs and efficiency while meeting ever-changing business demands.

By focusing on the solution, C1 works with you to resolve IT issues with effective solutions that will greatly enhance the overall health, and safety, of your business.

Server Migration Consolidation

Server Migration/Consolidation

C1 offers a broad range of solutions to help align your IT infrastructure with your business objectives — migrating and consolidating multiple servers on a single physical server to maximize flexibility and allocate resources across the enterprise, as needed. This results in optimum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as well as more streamlined asset management.


  • Consolidate applications for multiple operating systems on a single server
  • Evaluate your existing IT environment and provide a migration plan
  • Dynamically adjust server capability to meet changing workload demands

Disaster Recovery

With disaster recovery, it’s not enough to have an “insurance policy” in place to recover things that may be lost if disaster strikes. The right disaster recovery plan supports every level of your enterprise before, during and after — protecting people, processes, data and infrastructure in the event of the unexpected.

C1 provides industry-leading solutions and services to support all of an enterprise’s disaster planning needs — from business continuity assessments and planning, to network availability and data continuity, to recovery and crisis management. And we help ensure that your business processes and systems are able to predictably recover from and respond to disruptive events anywhere within the enterprise.

Most businesses need to ensure the availability and accessibility of data and applications. Any type of system outage can significantly affect operational performance, worker productivity and service delivery. Our DR solutions address these critical business requirements by using proven technologies to minimize or eliminate downtime. Based on your priorities for information backup, retention and retrieval, we can help you implement a plan for making enterprise data secure yet available and accessible whenever you need it.


High Availability

To be competitive and meet the needs of customers — both external and internal — today’s enterprise needs 24×7 availability for its IT services. That means network, server, application and data layers must all be available and performing correctly at all times.

C1 provides High Availability solutions designed to assess, prepare, create and run an infrastructure that supports the ongoing availability and performance objectives of your enterprise. Our solutions improve productivity and service levels across your business by minimizing downtime while ensuring that users can access your IT infrastructure without interruption.


Business Continuity

With all of its advantages, a more interconnected world can also bring greater complexity and more potential for risk. Business Continuity solutions from C1 keep your infrastructure running in the event of an internal or external risk (planned or unplanned) so you can concentrate on running your business. The solutions also help you address compliance issues and the new, potential risks that come with increased connectivity.

Combining a dynamic, secure and resilient infrastructure with an effective risk management strategy, C1 helps meet your needs for data protection, business and systems continuity, disaster recovery and regulatory compliance. And with us as your single source for Business Continuity, your enterprise can reduce the cost and complexity of securing your infrastructure.

We work with you to understand your objectives and provide IT and infrastructure risk management and business resilience expertise to assess a range of risks to the IT resources and assets on which your business processes depend. We can evaluate the potential business impact of various types of risks, and create a plan to mitigate these and optimize the resiliency, accessibility and value of your IT assets.


Our Partners

We work with more than 300 technology partners – leading hardware companies and software providers – so we can deliver the right solution for your unique needs. Our experience with these other leading companies enables us to design, implement, manage and support even the most complex multivendor environments. Learn more about our partners.


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