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First, let’s figure out what solution is the best fit for your needs.

Use this quick diagnostic to discover your path to the cloud. We’ll assist you along the way with suggestions and questions to help shed light on all the important details. You’ll be given a checklist of your results to kickstart the conversation with a Cloud Expert.

What user experiences are you looking for?

Mix and match, all options include unlimited local and long distance.

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Includes basic phone and features


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Includes softphone options, voice mail, messaging & presence, cell phone pairing


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Adding in audio, web and video conferencing


  • Have you thought about automated services, virtual assistants, or AI in your user/customer experience needs?

New technologies often promise impressive ROI’s, but they often fall short of expectations. C1 is uniquely qualified to help you plan, design, and implement the right solution to exceed your expectations.

All user experiences can be enhanced with Contact Center capabilities

How would you like to connect?

Check the options that you require or would be interested in:



Best option for small locations and where quality expectations are flexible


Dedicated Link/MPLS

Best for larger locations and extensions of existing MPLS with high voice quality guarantees

Dedicated Link/MPLS
  • Have you considered an SD-WAN solution?

ConvergeOne’s Secure Connect service is a fully managed SD-WAN solution enabling rapid deployment of cloud communications services while eliminating the complexity and cost involved with legacy networking hardware and MPLS to connect to the cloud.

Read More About SD-WAN

What deployment experience are you looking for?

We believe your solution should be custom fit to your specific situation. Here’s a list of important areas to consider when moving to the cloud. ConvergeOne will work with you to come up with an implementation plan. Select the areas you are interested in:

Program Management and Transformation
Network Assessment
Site Survey
Number Porting
Cloud Connectivity
Phased Migration
Leverage Existing Hardware
  • Have you thought about migration elements in your decision?

From discovery through implementation, we don’t just build your next generation cloud application, we also share the insights and strategies you need to make your software and services an ongoing success. Your cloud project will be designed by our dedicated crew of cloud computing experts.

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What would you like your operational experience to be?

No matter what equipment and software is a part of your cloud, we’re experts at keeping everything and anything digital up and running with our managed services. Select the areas you are interested in:

Service Levels
Proactive Monitoring
Service Desk
  • Have you considered security in your decision?

A constantly moving target, security is best when the provider of that security is as diligent as the threat. With ConvergeOne you’ll always get proactive protection.

Read about Security Practices

Your Results

User Experience
Deployment Experience
Operational Experience

Our customers are modernizing services, minimizing cost burdens, improving performance and security, and reducing risk with C1CX.


diversified customers from Fortune 100 and Fortune 500


Strategic partnerships with leading vendors


employees carrying 5,600+ certifications

We've Got You Covered

The market is evolving. Businesses across the globe are adapting to how their customers and their employees expect to communicate. Whether the driver is profitability, productivity or mobility, businesses are motivated to deliver more avenues to connect and collaborate. Customers are asking for solutions, but need a clear path to get there. That's where we excel. C1 Cloud Experience (C1CX) is a secure, scalable and comprehensive set of collaboration and customer experience offers with a host of software applications, expert integration, and professional services.

C1 provides holistic, global offerings for all levels and transitions. Our expert developers leverage proven frameworks and toolsets from hundreds of successful cloud development projects. Your cloud project will be designed and implemented by this dedicated crew of professionals, the cloud computing experts behind many of the world's most advanced cloud initiatives.

C1CX offers include Public, Private, and Managed - any way you want it.

WATCH: Salelytics Thrives with C1CX Cloud Platform



Public Cloud

C1CX Public Cloud is a shared, pre-defined solution that resides exclusively in C1 facilities, and we are responsible for the management and maintenance of the system. This type of cloud environment allows for elastic expansion and contraction in user population, reduces provision times in bringing new users on, and leverages the economies of scale that come from many users being on the same systems, resulting in a cost-effective and flexible solution.


Private Cloud

C1CX Private Cloud is a personalized solution that resides on either the customer’s premises, in a C1 data center, or in a 3rd party data center. All of the customer’s data, infrastructure, software, and services can be dedicated to them. All of the solution elements required to deliver the customer’s desired result can be shaped based on intent, preferences, and unique business context.


Managed Services

C1CX Managed Services is the long term, proactive management of an IT asset or a customer environment. It is a customer-specific solution that provides day-to-day management and uses a combination of leveraged and dedicated resources, both remote and on-site, to offer the customer a higher level of infrastructure availability and care than they could provide themselves at a lower price point.

Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Microsoft, NICE, RingCentral and Zoom

Powered with Partners

We work with more than 300 technology partners – leading hardware companies and software providers – so we can deliver the right solution for your unique needs. Our experience with these other leading companies enables us to design, implement, manage and support even the most complex multivendor environments.

"From day one, C1 felt like family. We never felt like were being left in the dark about anything. C1 always made us feel comfortable. If there was something we didn’t understand, they were able to explain it to us in layman’s terms so that we had a solid grasp of what exactly we were doing and how it was going to affect our business at every step."


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