Transforming the Customer Experience

Competition is fierce, and today’s savvy customers expect a lot. If you want to win their business, you need to grab them with a great experience in the very first encounter — and then keep the conversation going, to build the relationship over time and over different channels. Telephone, video, email, chat, social media, text, even fax. They all need to be integrated in one omni-channel solution that delivers the seamless experience that today’s customers expect. Do it right, and you’ll see more revenue and more satisfied customers.

Avaya Edge Diamond

Make Every Interaction Count with Integrated Engagement

ConvergeOne makes it all possible for your business, with leading-edge customer engagement solutions from Avaya. Powered by platforms such as Avaya Aura® or Avaya IP Office™, the solutions deliver an integrated experience designed to help you maximize contact center efficiency, enhance customer experience and build topline growth.


  • Manage growing call volumes and seasonal spikes
  • Improve agent engagement
  • Reduce service costs
  • Drive customer retention and loyalty
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Increase first contact resolution
  • Reduce customer effort

In addition, ConvergeOne is certified to provide maintenance support and is recognized as a Service Delivery Expert by Avaya — offering a complete range of services to enhance the value of your contact center and customer engagement solutions. LEARN MORE

Create Relationships with Every Contact

By delivering a unified and highly personalized customer experience, you can build your brand and foster long-term customer loyalty. ConvergeOne helps you make it happen with Avaya solutions that deliver intelligent, personalized contact routing that perfectly matches your agents with your customers.

For example, Avaya Aura® Contact Center Elite enables you to handle all types of customer interactions more efficiently by helping to ensure that the right resources are readily available. Intelligent routing and resource selection features let you decide if customers should be served by the least busy agent, the first available agent or the agent with skills to best match a customer’s needs. The solution also helps you serve customers and prospects through their preferred contact channel, to deliver the right experience every time.

Avaya IP Office™ offers contact center capabilities for businesses with 5-100 agents — combining Avaya’s customer experience leadership with the simplicity and value of the IP Office platform. It gives you powerful yet affordable multichannel functionality for voice, email and web chat in the contact center.


A great experience. Every time, every channel.

Today’s customers expect to have a consistently good experience whether they are contacting you via the web, video, social media or mobile devices. That’s where ConvergeOne comes in with a full range of Avaya video, social media and mobile customer service applications for the contact center.


  • Avaya Automated Chat provides seamless escalation from an automated attendant to a live agent, to help ensure a consistent and continuous experience.
  • Avaya One Touch Video enables robust videoconferencing and collaboration between your customers and agents or in-house experts.
  • Avaya Social Media Manager automatically tracks relevant topics, comments, and trends on social media networks, then delivers the actionable items to you.
  • Avaya Customer Connections Mobile adapts your customer service options into a mobile application and delivers it to your agents.

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