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The Hospitality Industry and the Opportunity for Deep Customer Engagement Solutions

Hospitality brands have some of the most exciting opportunities to create deep customer engagement with intelligent automation. These brands are already “experience” companies, as they immerse their customers in recreational (gambling, skiing, or both), relaxation (spa services), entertainment (theater), or culinary experiences. It seems odd how slowly some of these experience brands have embraced the power of creating individual guest experiences in customer care.

C1Conversations Chat BotImagine a high-end casino resort and spa experience. Why on earth would the call center be the only engagement engine for this brand? Imagine creating location-based virtual agent experiences (“Dan’s in the poker room”) that use affinity data (“Dan loves Texas Hold ’em”) to delight the guest. A satisfying and fun virtual agent engagement via their smartphone app with embedded messaging is a unique and fantastic but missed opportunity for most brands. As the guest enters the poker room, their “Trip Concierge Virtual Host” could engage them with, “Hey Dan, I see you’re in the poker room, and I know you love Texas Hold ’em. There’s about a 15-minute wait to get a seat. Shall I put your name on the waitlist?”

Timely. Helpful. And it all is completely doable with a platform like C1Conversations from ConvergeOne, whose integration platform ties together all resort technology endpoints (phones, reservation systems, CRM, etc.) to unify the guest experience. The opportunity exists to introduce guests to these Digital Trip Assistants as soon as they make a reservation. 

But best of all, what better marketing tool for a hospitality experience brand than a branded, personalized, helpful, and fun digital assistant that the guest always has on their smartphone? When the guest goes home, their “Trip Concierge Virtual Host” is still there and can profitably engage the guest in one-to-one marketing, such as, “Hey there, Dan. This summer, an amateur Texas Hold ’em tournament with a $10,000 prize purse is coming up. Want to play?"

The increasing investments these experience brands make in location technology and RFID tagging of guest credentials (for instance) means that the digital assistant can be helpful and fun, building brand loyalty no matter where the guest wanders during their visit to the resort.

ConvergeOne designs and builds these solutions, so sign up for a demo with me below to learn more.

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About the author:
Dan Burgin designs, deploys and manages virtual agent and human agent CX experiences for C1 clients to create delightful automated and agent-assisted customer experiences while ensuring clients' business outcomes - continually improving through a rigorous and iterative tuning process.