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How We Helped Government Brands Modernize and Scale Their On-Premises Solutions

Government Brands is the preferred partner for government software solutions and integrated payments. They support thousands of government customers of all sizes in all 50 states—municipalities, counties, states, and federal agencies.

We helped Government Brands create a business model and modern AWS cloud architecture that can help them not just serve their customers better, but also create a SaaS revenue model to accelerate their growth.

Before We Get Into the Tech: What Are Your Goals?

It’s easy to jump into the code and get to work. But that’s not how we like to do things.


With a bias toward action, our senior team worked alongside Government Brands’ senior executive team to create a monetization plan that aligned with company revenue goals, budgetary and business goals, and sales targets.


We evaluated target customer alignment, Total Addressable Market (TAM), and other business metrics that will ultimately drive success for this application. We created a tight business model tied to the technical attributes of the project. Our work should pay for itself, and that’s what we made sure of.


Think Big, Start Small: A POC That Pays for Itself

We like building things. But that doesn’t mean we like to build big technology things for the sake of building big technology things.


And that doesn’t mean our clients want to jump in the deep end on day one.


After performing an in-depth technical audit of their existing on-premises Windows platform, we created a Multi-Tenant proof of concept (POC) built on top of AWS to display the potential of the platform.


The POC showcased the possibilities of the platform and included a detailed product roadmap paired with the technical analysis.


No More Shiny Object Syndrome: Let’s Talk About Real Benefits

Through the creation of the POC minimum viable product, we were able to showcase:


Cybersecurity: The new platform is secure and can be recovered easily in case of an emergency.

Cost-Optimization: Compared to the on-premises Windows platform, the new SaaS platform is significantly less expensive over the long term.

Scalability: No more worrying about all the scaling issues that an on-premises infrastructure provides. They can now scale with ease.

Organizational Excellence: We brought in the discipline of a repeatable framework.

Product and Cloud Innovation: We showcased how this multi-tenant SaaS + cloud platform accelerates business and product innovation.

“C1 helped us not with just the technical audit of our platform but created a solid business model that helped us prove out
the ROI of future development. They are an integral part of our team, and I can’t wait to continue working with their executive team.”

Pat Harper
CTO, Government Brands

Innovating for the Future

Now we’re working on the actual minimum viable product, building Government Brands an SaaS platform to innovate for the future of municipalities across the country.

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