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Security WAVES Methodology

A systematic approach to power business success.

Proven WAVES MethodologyC1's unique WAVES methodology guarantees a meticulous and strategic process, incorporating assessment and validation milestones to fulfill all your objectives.


We adopt a "deep analysis before prescription" mindset, comprehensively evaluating your investments and prioritizing accordingly, ensuring tailored solutions that exceed expectations. 

  1. 1. Workshop: A structured information-gathering process that enables our experts to consistently identify and assess crucial data, resulting in clear, concise, and business-friendly recommendations tailored to your organization’s needs. 
  3. 2. Assessment: Based on the qualitative insights from the workshop, we propose quantitative assessments to delve deeper into your environment, uncovering and quantifying hidden factors that impact your organization.  
  5. 3. Validation: We ensure that the proposed solution meets your business and technical needs through our dedicated validation center, allowing you to envision and evaluate the future state of your environment before committing to an investment.  
  7. 4. Enterprise Architecture: Through comprehensive evaluation across Enterprise Architecture, we verify that critical elements such as security, connectivity, integration, and infrastructure are factored into the final solution to ensure it meets and surpasses intended outcomes. 
  9. 5. Solution as a Service: C1 offers solutions structured in an as-a-Service model, enabling you to procure your desired solution at a fixed, predictable monthly rate, which includes everything required to achieve your intended outcome in a budget-friendly, consumption-oriented approach tailored to your environment. 

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