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Improved Handling Time, Increased Agent Retention and Rising Customer Loyalty for a Large Business Process Outsourcing Company

When a large business process outsourcing company (BPO) began experiencing significant customer growth, its call center infrastructure (CCI) struggled to keep up. The BPO’s call center was only processing one call per agent at a time, elevating costs and increasing end-user frustration during critical times.

Business Expectations + Results:
Simultaneously Improve Agent Retention and Customer Experience with an IVA

The BPO sought full digital transformation of its CCI to:

Reduce handling times

Improve real-time communication within the contact center and with end users

Add digital channels to the contact center, significantly improving customer experience

Future-proof the contact center for further growth and additional channels

To solve the immediate problem of backed-up contact centers and poor customer experience, C1Conversations was implemented in rapid time. Because C1Conversations supplements existing contact center software and does not require the elimination of existing infrastructure, an Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) solution and digital channel support was implemented and fully functional within a few weeks.

The IVA solution included multi-tiered support, with automated SMS and virtual chat triggers that serve both end user and agents. The end user received personalized attention on their preferred device, while the IVA and agents coordinated responses with multiple end users simultaneously.

C1Conversations’ unique microservices architecture quickly leveraged the BPO’s existing contact center investments, understanding years of accrued knowledge and customizations to the existing stack. From day one, C1Conversations’ AI engine learned from each agent-customer interaction, adapting to the BPO’s evolving business goals and technology landscape.


Within weeks of implementation, C1Conversations:

• Increased call containment without the need for a human agent

• Expanded chat and SMS capabilities, making it easier for end users to reach and receive service from the contact center

• Improved CX metrics, including CSAT

• Reduced agent turnover and operational costs

What will these results look like in your call center?

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