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6 Steps to Empowering Agents with Workforce Engagement Management [Part 3]

Explore Workforce Engagement Management in terms of six steps, each defined by added functionality that builds upon the prior steps of your WEM journey.

Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series detail the first three steps to effective Workforce Engagement Management.

Step 4: Amplify Customer Satisfaction Efforts

Drive Agent Performance Improvements with Gamification

Feedback is one of the most powerful tools available to modify employee behavior. In cases where adoption of new skills and behaviors has not been achieved, lack of real-world feedback is often the culprit. Employees simply lack the ability to observe their own performance. Providing employees with a new, clear feedback mechanism to accompany the new procedures or skills sometimes makes all the difference.

At its core, gamification is about translating training material and new performance expectation into a game format closely integrated to real-world performance measures – providing a fresh and interesting feedback mechanism within the context of a fun and competitive game. (Some serious-minded businesses may object to the idea of making work into a game. If that describes your company, just call it “positive reinforcement” for a job well done, linked to objectives-based training content.)

Gamification can be as simple as highlighting an existing metric and providing a “leaderboard” ranking individual achievement of that metric. Prizes can be awarded to top performers, but even that is negotiable. More complex gamification efforts use a point system to drive behavior on a range of related behaviors and metrics. Whether organized around existing metrics and point systems, or introducing new feedback measures, gamification can take performance to a new level by making the targeted achievements competitive and fun. The possibilities are almost endless, with the possibility of introducing points, badges, levels, and a marketplace to trade goods and services within the metaphor of the game.

For some companies, game-based competition has led to improvements in training and up to 50% reduction in on-boarding time. Gamification can reduce attrition by making the workplace more enjoyable. It is also a way to feel and stay connected to the larger enterprise, especially for the remote workforce.

Dive Deeper into the Customer Relationship with VOC

“Voice of the Customer” (VOC) involves using an advanced, methodical approach to describing customer feedback about their experiences with your company, and their expectations for your products or services. Whereas customer satisfaction (CSAT) evaluations usually focus on a single transactional contact, VOC efforts go deeper.

Companies that attain this level of WEM functionality are often ready to implement a more exhaustive CSAT approach, and WEM systems provide the tools to achieve this. Such companies realize that customer concerns across their business – from new product development to accounts receivable – are an important component of the total customer relationship. Some WEM systems provide a “dashboard” that integrates data from a variety of information sources to provide a more complete picture of customer needs, expectations and requests for product improvement.

VOC initiatives usually include customer surveys that go deeper and wider than traditional CSAT ratings. These surveys achieve a better response rate by ensuring that questions are highly targeted and relevant to the individual customer contact being surveyed. Surveys are commonly offered via web forms, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, and Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs).

VOC efforts also go well beyond customer surveys by identifying, integrating and analyzing related data from across the business to reveal a deeper understanding of the customer’s relationship with the company.

Check back soon for the next part of this blog series for more tips. Can’t wait? Download the full white paper below.

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