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The Future of Modern Work with Microsoft

In early 2020, the way we work drastically changed. Most of us weren't ready for it, and most—if not all of us—had to evolve the way we communicate, meet productively, manage and patch/update our systems and ensure security and compliance.

While a lot of us have evolved and survived by implementing solutions available to us within the Microsoft 365 suite, are we maximizing the features available to us as part of our licenses and and thriving in a truly modern work environment?

As we move further and further into this hybrid work environment, it’s essential that we are just as effective and productive even when we’re not in the same physical workspace. Microsoft Teams is commonly known as a tool to communicate by voice or instant messaging, but many aren't aware that proper governance can make Teams a true collaboration tool. You can:

  • Easily set up Team File Shares without having to log in to a VPN to get back to the office.

  • Utilize the built-in whiteboard feature for an impromptu design session.

  • Set up commonly used app as 1st & 3rd party apps inside Teams itself, making Teams your tool for your entire work day, not just how you communicate.

From an administrative perspective, a big concern when shifting to a hybrid environment is determining how you are going to effectively manage and secure remote and hybrid work. With tools that are included in most of the Microsoft 365 licenses, such as Intune (Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager), we can now set up similar—and even better—policies than what we had before. We can push out conditional access policies for accessing documents or applications, easily send out security and application patches to the end user devices, and lock out compromised devices from one portal. There are even tools in the platform that can tell you how secure or compliant you are based on the rule sets you have implemented, and ways to improve your overall security and compliance within your organization just by implementing and configuring features that you are already paying for.

These are just a few examples of how Microsoft has evolved to ensure we all can thrive in our modern work environment, and there are plenty more. ConvergeOne and Microsoft are hosting an on-demand webinar series on “The Future of Modern Work,” where leading experts from Microsoft and ConvergeOne expand on these examples.

On-demand webinar series: The future of modern work

Join us for The Future Of Modern Work on-demand webinar series. Our series kicks off with Microsoft VP of Modern Work, Jared Spataro, and our subsequent breakout sessions feature “Maximizing Teams,” “Endpoints In The Hybrid Workplace,” and “Securing Your Hybrid Environment.” View the On-demand webinars
About the author:
Chris Hinch creates solutions to help people and companies work smarter, not harder. He designs, implements, secures and supports networks and configurations to help make businesses more efficient.