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Planning Customer Experience Modernization for 2023 and Beyond

Modernizing your customer experience brings many benefits to your organization. Customers are asking to connect with you in a variety of ways, 24x7, and you must be aware of what their needs and intents are. Many of you have created a “customer promise” of sorts. The framework for this promise is:

“I will allow you to contact me in a variety of ways—web, mobile application, voice, chat, SMS and social media—and I may reach out to you proactively to help you.

I will protect your identity and privacy and comply with all regulatory entities.

I will know who you are and have channels and devices federated and connected in such a way as to understand your desires and intents for contacting my organization. The channels can then be self-aware and adjust based on the conversation we’re having.

I will let you self-serve as best as I can and continue to hone this capability so there is no wait. However, if you need to speak, chat or text with someone, I’ll always allow you to do that. If self-service isn’t an option due to the nature of our business together, I will empower my agents with tools and technologies to better help you.

The person/human answering your questions will be knowledgeable about what you were trying to do. They will not ask you to repeat yourself, except for clarity. If we’ve already authenticated you, we won’t take you through all those questions again. The discussion will pick up where you left off with your self-service experience. My agents will be engaged in their work. We’ve provided them with the best resources to handle your needs.

Once our interaction is complete, I’ll ask for your opinion, and that of my agent, and I will provide my own feedback. We will take that information and hone our websites, training, agent tools and self-service tools to provide better experiences over time.

You will have the best experience possible. I promise you.”

There are many technologies that enable these promises to be fulfilled. To begin, let’s go through a four-step modernization process to help with your journey.

Read the White Paper: The Customer Experience Formula for Modernization

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About the author:
As the Vice President of Product Marketing, Kathy Sobus leads more than 150 professionals with a rich heritage in collaboration technologies and drives strategic partnerships with key vendors and providers. Her expertise within the collaboration space ensures that C1 can deliver a full portfolio of offers, products, and services to its clients.