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Automation: Building a Smarter Future

Next to time, urgency is your second-best resource. Urgency is the ability to respond and solve high-demand problems quickly. Automation meets that urgency in accurate and efficient ways.

First, automation creates channels of communication, streamlining a faster response time between parties. Second, automation avoids downtime and repetitive tasks by using digital assets that manage projects to specific ends and means. Third, automation not only supports your team’s efforts, but also prioritizes the most important clients through its allocation of resources tailored to their needs. Automation frees you from time constraints and helps you provide the best possible service to your top clients.

With the introduction of new innovations, the goal is never to use technology as an alternative workforce. A computer cannot fully replicate a man-powered personal touch of creativity. To discount human ingenuity is its own error. Similarly, to err is human and to fix mistakes is intrinsic to better business practices. Technology fixes our mistakes in better ways.

The construction equipment industry is evolving. Its customers are getting smarter and demanding faster turnaround times. The way forward is for companies like yours to embrace the right cloud-based technology to get ahead and stay ahead.

Technology comes with learning curves at best and hesitancy at worst. Human interactions are lessened by technology’s interventions, but they are not discounted. Artificial intelligence is still man-made, it is still a tool that we use to solve problems and secure solutions. Technology is also an adaptable tool. Automated systems can use digital assets with a manual approach. It does not matter what color your collar is. Technology helps you get your job done accurately and efficiently, making room for the connections that matter most between you, your company, and your customers.

Scaling your business through new technologies can be a frustrating process. In the midst of complete overhauls, a new venture can be exciting and overwhelming. With our partnership’s combined histories and efforts, Avaya and ConvergeOne prioritize your frustrations and turn them into sustainable strategies. Our automations take over menial tasks and give you more freedom to personalize experiences.

Cloud-based technology through Avaya and ConvergeOne ensures tangible results that elevate your business and prevent work fatigue, lost customers, and lost revenues. We respect the autonomous collaboration between your teams and clients, and help you maintain it through our hands-on consulting services.

Working With the Cloud

Work in the construction equipment industry comes in phases and can face common problems like employee burnout, operation delays, and hazards and expenditures on the job. Streamlining parts ordering is made easier with the cloud. With a cloud-based system, employees decrease the time required to locate parts and can respond to requests faster than ever before. As a result, the cloud decreases the stress of your workforce and increases revenue. Avaya and ConvergeOne offer cloud-based solutions for every phase:

  • Simple, scalable data tracking manages, organizes, and finds equipment faster.
  • Avaya Experience Platform™ provides continuous innovation to update and engage team members.
  • Improve uptime and customer service through frictionless, omnichannel communication.
  • Our consultations train employees in digital asset management for better efficiency.


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About the author:
The cloud isn’t a destination – it’s a toolkit. Customers want experiences that are effortless. Employees want easy access to the people and tools they need. With Avaya and ConvergeOne, there is an experience platform that makes it all possible.