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About the author

Zeina Ammar, Public Sector Account Executive avatar

Zeina Ammar, Public Sector Account Executive

As a determined, goal-oriented individual who's passionate about what she does, Zeina Ammar always strives for successful experiences. Today, she is the Major Public Sector Account Executive and top AM nationally with ConvergeOne. Additionally, she proactively empowers student communities by consolidating meaningful technology-based change with districts she partners with. In 2019’s CEPTA (CITE) event, Zeina received the honorable "Inaugural Technology Partner of the Year" award. She is the co-Founder of the Aaron Barnett Foundation, which empowers students in public schools to pursue a higher education and career in Cybersecurity. At the We Deserve Better Foundation, she works closely with local communities to provide over 10,000 students access to education in Nigeria and assist Lebanese citizens with crisis relief efforts and humanitarian aid.