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DevOps principles and practices allow for development and operations teams to work more collaboratively, improve the speed of delivering new product features to market, and enable continuous and automated deployment.
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The Benefits of DevOps
Organizations that incorporate DevOps practices get more done, plain and simple. With a single team composed of cross-functional members all working in collaboration, DevOps organizations can deliver with maximum speed, functionality, and innovation.
Continuous software delivery.Less complexity to manage.Faster resolution of problems.
Happier, more productive teams.Higher employee engagement.Greater professional development opportunities.
Faster delivery of features.More stable operating environments.Improved communication and collaboration.More time to innovate (rather than fix/maintain).
While many organizations recognize the benefits of agile methods, DevOps goes even further by helping you spend less time maintaining your toolset and more time focusing on customer value. Building, releasing, testing, and monitoring cloud and mobile applications become simple and reliable with DevOps technologies and enable your company to continuously deliver innovation using any toolchain. C1 empowers organizations to adopt a scalable DevOps framework, using our experience as a tarmac for progress.
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The C1 approach to DevOps
We help clients increase deployment speed and improve financial transparency when launching new product features using our DevOps framework.
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DevOps & Cloud Automation
To avoid disruption, organizations look to accelerate how they get new product features to the market. DevOps and Cloud Automation shifts how innovators deploy in a more predictable, stable, and secure way.
We help clients react quicker to business needs, empower their organizations to be more nimble and get new capabilities to market faster. Using essentialDevSecOps tools and a proven adoption framework, we integrate security into an organization's DevOps culture and Agile processes, resulting in secure continuous integration and delivery every time.
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DevOps Adoption Practices
Organizations that adopt DevOps deliver their product to market faster than their peers. We create an adoption framework and manage the knowledge transfer to organizations looking to integrate DevOps into their delivery model.
DevOps Managed Services
DevOps is never just a checklist of things to do. It is a 24/7 job. We help our clients implement, improve and maintain their cloud infrastructure and DevOps pipelines.
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Discovery Health Partners: Improving Customer Experiences Through a Modernized Cloud-Native Infrastructure
Discovery’s CIO was looking for strategic solutions that would capitalize on their existing AWS infrastructure footprint and enable them to onboard customers faster, more efficiently, and have a strong digital and data foundation for future growth, without having to completely rebuild their infrastructure.
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How We Turned Terabytes of Healthcare Data Into an Automated, Predictive Insights Machine
One of the fastest-growing healthcare startups in the world data capabilities were growing so fast and becoming so complex that they were pushing the limits of their cloud providers.
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Press Ganey: Accelerating Healthcare Outcomes Through a Self-Service Analytics Platform
We helped Press Ganey drive transformational change with a new digital analytics and reporting platform. As part of our role, ConvergeOne designed a system that supports the application and a team of 130 engineers who manage it.
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How We’re Helping Narrative Science Scale Their Flagship Product Through Cloud Cost Optimization
Narrative Science partnered with ConvergeOne to become more agile and nimble, resulting in reduced operational costs, improved cloud architecture, and an ability to scale their product economically.
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